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A way to fix this with the mx combobox would be to just use a space or use actionscript to set it because of the way mxml parses string info into properties.

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You might want to just use an empty item in the dataprovider instead.

Combo Box Drop Down List Base List List Base Skinnable Data Container Skinnable Container Base Skinnable Component UIComponent Flex Sprite Sprite Display Object Container Interactive Object Display Object Event Dispatcher Object Because this component does not define a skin for the mobile theme, Adobe recommends that you not use it in a mobile application.

Alternatively, you can define your own mobile skin for the a value not allowed by your validator, turning the validator on and expecting it not to validate.

According to national police reports, between 20, a total of 3,570 women and 975 men in Chile were sentenced for these infractions of the existing penal code.[16] The lawyer who analyzed these statistics concludes that cases of “criminal prosecution are very selective, involving most of all…the poorest women.”[16] The number of women who are incarcerated for obtaining an abortion has dropped dramatically in recent years, from 88 in 2003 to five in 2012, and most are now sentenced to probation.

Center for Reproductive Rights, Chile’s health commission approves abortion bill, press release,2015, The length of sentences for women convicted of obtaining or assisting in an abortion between 20 ranged from 1.5 to three years, as mandated in the penal code.[23] Doctors and professional midwives found to have performed abortions received sentences of 3–5 years; unskilled or untrained providers (including traditional birth attendants) received sentences of no more than three years.


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