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811; name used for high-interest account of Ewell's Money-Stealers' Club DMZ 170; [Link to Oneirine] powerful psychedelic described as "temporally-cerebral and almost ontological", aka Madame Psychosis ; 211-15; "envision acid that has itself dropped acid" 214; "time-tested entrepôt" 216; traded to Antitois by old hippy (Sixties Bob? [...] Struck tracked this down off an obscure Digestive-Flora footnote. If the stuff shows up at all it shows as a slight case of imbalanced yeast" fn.321/1064; "original intent was to induce what they called quote transcendent experiences in [...] chronic alcoholics in the like 1960s at Verdun Protestant Hospital in Montreal" fn.321/1064; Doocey, Tommy 18 (not named); "kept several large snakes" 39; 75; his hairlip, 179; 584; dope acid trails, 43; one-hitter, 49; at E. A., 53; "oral narcotis addicts tend to operate on an extremely rigid physical schedule of need and satisfaction" 57; Seldane, 60; "Amanita Muscaria, a.k.a. Leap like a knight of faith into the arms of Peano, Leibniz, Hilbert, L'Hôpital.

110/1005 Diehl, Gavin 177; resident at Ennet House; 208; 363; 596; Diggs, Mrs. Gompert Dimock Detox 272; where Geoffrey Day came from Dingley 564; "that skittery kid" at Ennet House Disease "your personal will is the web your Disease sits and spins in" 357; Dixon, Franklin W. R.'s standard, "a double sinuous s-shaped line across the traditional fleur-de-lis motif of Quebecois Separatism, fn.304/1056; Pemulis: "revere the double S.

Elizabeth's Hospital, 2 blocks from Ennet House; 534; "St. player in 18-and-Unders has four to six 14-and-Unders kids he's supposed to keep his more experienced wing over" 98 Big Red Soda Water 222; Joelle's favorite soft drink from childhood Bill 3; Dean of Athletics at Univ. (George) 63; American president, 1988-92; 230; 473; Byrne, F. ("Follow That Ambulance") 512; "rapacious personal-injury J.

Trade, 690-91; Antitoi, Lucien 480; Bertraund's brother who doesn't know French; death, 488; Antonioni 185; appropriation artist 23; former romantic interest of Gately's Arslanian, Idris ("Id") 98; 14-year-old Pakistani ETA student; 567; Assassins des Fauteuils Rollents See Wheelchair Assassins of Québec ATHSCME 51; make fans that blow toxic smoke/fumes north to Canada; "giant protective [...] fans atop the hugely convex protective walls of anodized Lucite" 93; "make really big fans" 240; 268-69; Sunstrand Plaza, 542; de-linting, 542; 1017; A. Theresa" Better Late Than Never 209; AA group at St. filmmaker Burns, Major 642; M*A*S*H character Burroughs, William 21; American writer of the "Beat" generation; 212 Burton 695; melancholia ; Bush, G.

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Brady-theory 232; Brando, Marlon 157; American film actor who ruined two generations "with their own bodies and everyday objects" 157; Brandt, Otto 32; janitor at ETA; "Submoronic-to-moronic" 873; appeared in Zero-Gravity Tea Ceremony, 874; Bread & Circus 478; organic, chi-chi grocery in Inman Square, Cambridge MA; shopping carts with calculators attached, 623; Brecht 944; compared to Himself Bresson 185; Parisan-French filmmaker compared to Himself; 944 Brewster's Angle 10; bricklayer 138; See also Glynn, Doony Brighton Fence & Wire 607; where Glynn Doony worked; Briggs electrode 470; implanted in brain to prevent seizures Brigham and Women's City of Boston Hospital 144 Brighton Best Savings Bank (B. Cantor, Georg 82; fn.35/994 Cantrell 410; early ETA prorector; and Clipperton in Yo W, 432; Carty, Gary 891; friend of Gately's with whom he'd trap lobsters "in the pre-dawn reek of low tide" Casey , William J. Christianson, Daphne 38 Chu, La Mont 112; ETA student; 328; confessing addiction to being a famous tennis star to Lyle, 388; 458; Chuck or Chick 531-33; guy who shoots guy who "made him look small" in front of his girl chyme 635-13: partly digested food passed from stomach to duodenum Cisne 264; ETA student CITGO 476; Claprood, Governor 576; pre-O. If Tim gets wind if this and asks me to remove it, I shall do so post haste. - SMR, 1/23/00 - 0.473 litres 222; one pint AA/NA clichés, 270; "the Gift" 273; Getting In Touch With Your Feelings, 446; "accept it on faith" 533; Powerless, 546; rationalizing, 555; is your Higher Power "omni-potent enough to make a suitcase that's too heavy for him to lift"? C.) 412; Anchorman's Bloat 147 anhedonia Anhedonia is the inability to experience pleasure; "You seek to vanquish and transcend the limited self whose limits make the game possible" 84; "it is often more fun to want something than to have it" 205; simple melancholy, afflicting goal-oriented people, 692-93 annulation "cold annular fusion" 64; annular hyperfloration cycles, 65; vicious circle of drug-taking and tennis, 67; "circle of arms" 69; "annularly overfertilized forests" 93; "firelight's circle" 103; "curve's classically annular shape" 150; "annularized Great Concavity's No-Time," 183; "cold-fusion ring" 185; "annulation equations" 185; "the ultimate annular fusion" 222; "some beastly post-annular scopophiliacal vector" 233; "subannular regions of the Great Concavity" 241; "annular-generated amps" 242; 306; 309; & Jim Incandenza, 502-03; and shame, 535; "the annulated Shawshine River" 561; 569; explained, 570-74; annular medicine, 572; Mr. mishap, 620; "concentric rings of pond and crowd" 622; Metallurgy of Annular Isotopes , 624; "his finger's annular pallor" 638; more concentric rings, 718; ETA's annular heating system, 870; "concentric circles" 891; Anschluss 1020; German: "connection"; O. But, if you have cash lying around that you’re not going to touch for 10 years, you may want to try the method that has been offering the most reliable returns. This index is based on Tim Ware's Infinite Jest index [pregnant pause] well..fact it IS Ware's index (except for a few ads I've added) and I post it here because the old url at (indeed itself) has gone to a better place. A new survey by through Princeton Survey Research Associates International asked more than 1,000 Americans what they consider the best way to invest money they won’t need for 10 or more years.The most popular answer, chosen by 28 percent of respondents, is to use it to buy real estate. Tour 111; 259 Au Bon Pain 130; cafe in Harvard Square; 212 Avalon, Frankie 168 Axford, Trevor ("The Axhandle") 50; ETA student; clean-urine sales (w/Pemulis), 151; "only three-and-a-half digits on his right hand" 332; fireworks accident 3 Interdependence Days past, 512; "a true redheaded person" 512; fell off his bike and "received a tiny lesion-type brain injury after which all food everywhere tastes horrible to him" 628; Big Buddy to Penn and Ingersoll, fn.209/1035 Axhandle, the See Axford, Trevor B., Louise 348; White Flag Group member and attempted suicide Bacon 199; "Bacon's popes" Bain, Kevin 800; Marlon's older brother, at Inner Infant group Hal happens upon; parents killed in traffic helicopter accident, 803; "short thick person with a dark swart face" 805; Bain, Marlon 46; ETA student in Orin's dream; Orin's affair with his sister, 47; 246; ETA student when Orin attended, 284; 296; had O. D., 1039; excessive sweating, fn.234/1039; in Death in Scarsdale , fn.234/1039; "practically lived" with the Incandenzas in Weston AZ, fn.234/1043; letter to Steeply, fn.269/1047; mother "decapitated by a plummeting rotorblade" 1051; in Himself's films, 687; Balbalis 726; A. Robert, 927; See also Mc Cartney, Paul Belbin, Jennifer 207; Ennet House resident w/teardrop tatoos; 363; 596; Benny, Jack 828; American entertainer Bernini 235; "Ecstacy of St. Québecois Sepératiste Left term for Office of Unspecified Services; See Unspecified Service, Office of Bud, Uncle 221; Joelle's; 239 Bulat, Doshka (? 322; author of Pilgrim's Progress From This World To That Which Is To Come Buñuel 185; French ?? member making rounds of halfway/rehab houses; haven't located veiled performer as of 11/19/YDAU, 845; going to place large mirror on highway to commandeer Québec team's bus, 846; B&E 435; breaking & entering; Baraka 186; poem Barbicide 95 Bash, Jennie 114; ETA student; 551 Baum, Crosby 229; "academic" at Notkin's party Bay Bank 130; "off Sherman Street" in Boston Bazin 491; 745 Beak, Peter 97; 12-year-old student at ETA; sleeping with eyes open, 110; 460; rooms w/Whale and Virgilio, 757; Beatles 32; "I Want To Tell You"; 243; Dr. the Antitois' cell, "self-contained, a monomitotic cell, eccentric and borderline-incompetent"; death, 486; Front-Contre-O. 49-50; ETA student; introduced Hal to marijuana, 67; 633; Boston AA 343; Betty Crocker Cake Mix trope, 467; Boston Univerity 284; Terriers, 286; Bouncety-Bounce, Mr. children's program; "-brand bow-biters" 111; 520; "appears in his old cloth-and-safety-pin diaper and paunch and rubber infant-head mask" 648; 878; Gately loves the show, 922; Bow&Arrow 129; gay bar in Harvard Squar[e], Boston bradyphrenic 314.1-3; lost or impaired ability to make decisions or act independently, abulic. B.) 542; 708; Bröckengespenstphänom 88; (fn.38) "Goethe's well-known"; 641 Brookline Young People's Mtg. writer/philosopher Candida Albicans 33; a dimorphous organism that can be either a yeast, in which form it is not invasive, or a fungus, in which form it is. Cambridge NA group Clenette See Henderson, Clenette clicks 573 4; kilometers Clinton, Hillary R. C.) 382; Clipperton, Eric 407; Clipperton Brigade; fin de siecle unseeded 16-year-old tennis legend who threatened to shoot himself if he ever lost a game; 431; from Crawfordsville IN, 433; 681; Clow, Lori fn.209/1035; ETA student playing microtennis w/Freer CNS 292; central nervous system cockroaches 44-45 Columbia Guide to Refractive Indices Second Edition 161; book young J. from Inman Square in Cambridge's decayed Portugo/Brazilian district" where Pemulis bought the DMZ from 2 Canadian insurgents, on Inman Square in Cambridge, MA; owned by Antitoi brothers, 300; 304; Gately drives past, 480; sell used entertainment cartridges, 483; Antitoi, Bertraund 480; "the brains of the outfit" viz. fn.366/1077; "turgid studies of artistic influenza " Blott, Kent 97; 10-year-old student at ETA; father "a cutting-edge E. 38; beautiful 8th grader; 179 Bonk-Green, Harriet 39; daughter of Mildred Bonk and Bruce Green; 180 Boone, Bridget C. P.) 555; AA group "on Beacon neary the Newton line"; 736 Broughton 185; ?? 127; member of Les Assassins; Marathe's superior, 420; 722; lectures on Trans-3-methyl-2 hexenoic acid, a material present in "the sweat of grave mental illness" 733-34; Brutalism 185; B. I suspect it would burn your skin off." Although, Olympia continues, "I also realized that it could just be a printer's or editor's error: the formula would be correct for benzoyl peroxide if it were (C (ethyl for benzyl) would be a natural error for someone who knew a little bit of chemistry but who wasn't thinking about aromatic rings." Cadaver Gate fn.26/994; "scandal thought brought down so many funeral directors in the Year of the Purdue Wonderchicken" cages "cages over the lightbulbs"; Cage, John fn.24/989; his 4'33 an unnamed influence of Himself's The Joke Caisse de Dépôt et Placement 751; workplace of Health-Benefits administrator whose name Maranthe appropriates Cambridge City Hospital 690; Cameron, James 48; American filmmaker (Terminator, Aliens, Titanic, etc.) Camus , Albert 12; Nobel Prize winning Fr. 112; works in kitchen at ETA; 120; 193; "former Four-Star dessert chef" 380; Clayt 65; "sad old ex-QB" for Arizona Cardinals Clean and Serene 699; N. is holding in garage Commitments 343; "some members of one Group commit to hit the road and travel to another Group's meeting to speak publicly from the podium" Concavity Cabinet 400; Pres.


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