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Air force dating dating

The flight school closed in October 1945 after the war ended.The air field was then used as a processing center for military personnel who were being discharged at a rapid rate as the country demobilized.In the early 1950s, the Strategic Air Command (SAC) approved a plan to convert the former air field into an air base.Blytheville Air Force Base was officially christened as a single-mission base on July 19, 1955.The professional scientists, engineers, and other military personnel that relocated to the base enhanced the ethnic and societal composition of the predominantly agricultural county.

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The surrounding communities benefited greatly from the military funding that poured into the base, as well as the cultural contributions of the base’s diverse military personnel.By the following spring, the base was fully operational with three squadrons of B-57 bombers.In April 1958, the 4229 Air Base Squadron assumed control of the base, which it maintained until July 1959.The Ninety-seventh returned to the base and resumed normal functions after the conflict ended.It launched rescue missions from the base to Grenada in 1983.The War Assets Administration officially shut down the installation in 1946.Control of the land was transferred to the city of Blytheville.Pilots of the wing were stationed at Guam, while the B-52s remained at the base.In 1972, all of the bombers were temporarily moved to Guam.The base was originally a 2,600-acre army air field installation used by the U. military during World War II, one of many air fields created in the country’s interior during the war.The Blytheville Army Air Field was activated on June 10, 1942.


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