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Are blue eyes intimidating

”“Jasper works there some nights, as a favor to one of the owners. They both graduated art school and found they really enjoyed doing tattoos so they opened a place together. I’m running a background check on this place and I’ll walk you home when you get out late.”“Big brother, I get you worry about me, but I’m good and they’re good people. ”Bellamy’s grin falls right off his face and he just stares at her.

Their previous girl quit because she graduated and they needed someone so Jasper got me in.”“Girl? So just relax.” About a week after his little sister started working at Ton DC, he got a text from her that said she was going to be later than usual because Jasper was sick and Lincoln had a late client coming in so she had to stay at least until the guy showed up. Bellamy had done a background check on the place and there was no suspicion of criminal activity and he couldn’t’ get much on the owners other than their names – Lincoln Trent and Clarke Griffin. Her blue eyes are like ice daggers being thrown at him.

You couldn’t find something at like a coffee shop or a clothes store? This place is half way between here and school and the owners are super cool and going to work around my class schedule.

It’s not like I am going to be doing the tattoos myself.

Is this just a bunch of creepy guys who hire young girls for them to leer at? It made him feel better that there was so little information on the two guys, but he still didn’t like his sister hanging out there all hours of the night – even if Jasper vouched for them. ” Clarke, the blonde, spins around in the middle of the store and drops her heels to place her hands on her hips.“You know the Finn thing is different for me and you. He’s never really been terrified of a girl before, but this girl looks like she could take him – and not like just take him down, but chew him alive and then spit him out.“Clarke,” Octavia calls her attention from the counter. ” Clarke barely acknowledges Octavia’s introduction.“He said he was sick,” Lincoln answered.“Or high,” Raven muttered and Bellamy glanced at Octavia and narrowed his eyes.

It was another three weeks before Bellamy ever had to go back to Ton DC.Outside of the college aspect of their neighborhood, the rest of the town was not the kind of area he wanted his 20-year-old sister working in and he would know. ” Lincoln asks quietly from behind the counter with a smile on his face. ”“Well, about five different girls bought her drinks and one guy, don’t ask why he was there, but she didn’t take any numbers. ” Raven flashes some bar napkins at Lincoln who shakes his head.He was a detective for the town and spent more time dealing with drug busts and gang assaults outside the 15 blocks the school and other school facilities were located on.“How did you even get this job, O? Bellamy grins at the exchange until he feels the blonde glaring at him.“Who the hell are you?I tried sticking to everything as best I could (except the motorbike thing - sorry! I put them here because when I read things with links I like to open all the links and then delete them as they are mentioned so I have a visual of them.They might be random and all over the place because they are. I told you I wanted to help out around here and you said that I could as long as the money went to things I needed and not the apartment.Prompt: A heavily tattooed Clarke who runs a tattoo parlor with Lincoln.She’s got the whole eyeliner/leather/motorbike thing going for her and Bellamy is terrified but kinda in love.He walked in to Ton DC and found Octavia sitting at a stool behind the counter off to the right side and sitting right next to her on another stool with his feet propped on the counter was a massive man with tattoos on his arms and even one on his neck.“Hey, man. You can come back tomorrow,” the very large man said. Nice to meet you,” Lincoln took his feet down and leaned forward to shake Bellamy’s hand. I swear to god, if he shows up here one more time high this month, I’m firing him!Bellamy simply raised his eyebrows at his sister.“Lincoln, this is my very over protective big brother, Bellamy. It was a good handshake and Bellamy was about to ask why they were closed if Octavia said she had to stay when the door flew open and two women came storming in. ” The blonde stormed in and almost ran into Bellamy.“Sorry,” he muttered trying to step out of her way, but she wasn’t paying attention.“Come on, Clarke. ” Clarke grabs her heels and storms towards the back of the room.“Where are you going, Clarke?!The other was a tall brunette Latina with her straight hair in a sky-high ponytail and was wearing an equally revealing dress, but with Converse sneakers.“Never again, Raven. “My client will be here soon.”Octavia nodded her head and said goodbye to Lincoln and Raven and Bellamy nodded a goodbye to them while she gathered her things and left together.As soon as they were half way down the block, Octavia started.“I’ve never seen Clarke that mad before.


  1. You're Eyes Are So Intimidating. Her blue eyes are like ice daggers being thrown at him. He’s never really been terrified of a girl before.

  2. Sep 01, 2013 Do you think people with 'Brown Eyes' look more intimidating. There some people with blue or green eyes that can be intimidating looking too.

  3. We asked celebrity makeup artists to share the best makeup colors for every shade of blue eyes. Best Makeup Colors for Blue Eyes. By. is really intimidating.

  4. ScienceDirect reports in a study connecting eye color and alcohol abuse that people with darker eyes were unable to. Those with blue eyes have a bright.

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