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Analytics are an essential part of the CRO process, but by combining this quantitative data with real customer insights, you will accelerate the whole optimisation programme, eliminating the need for guesswork.

Your users should form an integral part of your CRO strategy – just ask them about their experience!

Whereas traditional marketing can often be budget-led, growth hackers look to find ingenious, technology based solutions to put business growth at the forefront of their activity.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is a primary tool of the growth hacker, as the main focus is on accelerating the growth of your existing platforms.

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Then, with just a few clicks, you can download design content and parametric data in one of nearly 100 file formats.File format outputs are native to the selected software, which eliminates translation errors and speeds the integration of content into your project.LEARN MORE Power is the backbone of our industry, and ensuring the availability of safe, reliable power is at the heart of Eaton's business – even in the most challenging environments.What did they find helpful about your site, where did they struggle?Not only does this help you identify areas for improvement, but it also increases engagement with your brand.However, the limitation with using Analytics on its own is that it tells you “where” something is going wrong, but not “why” Combine Session Replay with Analytics When you look at combining session replay with your analytics package, this is where the real insight can be found.For instance, you’ve identified the page which is under-performing, but you only have a hunch as to what might be the issue.With the Crouse-Hinds series, Eaton has the broadest offering of solutions for harsh and hazardous environments.From explosionproof electrical equipment to communications systems, Eaton delivers the safety you rely on. Our interactive library of 3D design and parametric data, allowing you to configure products to SKU level, view the chosen product in 2D or 3D, and download 2D drawings or 3D models for integration into your design packages.We’ve taken a look at some of the tools and technologies available that can help you get the most out of your CRO programme, and also some innovative ways they can be used to accelerate business growth.The CRO environment When looking at the CRO process, you can split it down into three main areas: All of these reports will provide you with a basis from where to start your optimisation process.


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  5. Cooper Crouse-Hinds integrates a comprehensive line of explosionproof electrical and instrumentation products with expert support, industry insights and local availability to improve safety and productivity in the most demanding industrial and commercial environments worldwide.

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