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Cartoon dating couples

Later in the same year, however, Minnie and Mickey were presented as a couple, and presumably have been together ever since.is my favorite Disney movie, so obviously I am going to include Simba and Nala on this list.

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(I know Mickey and Minnie are mice, but like…they seem more human than Simba and Nala).

Last year, I had the distinct honor of writing about the best fictional couples of all time, a list I could probably add to for the rest of forever.

I had so much fun writing it, I’m doing a round two this Valentine’s Day – this time, all animated!

It’s a simple and unique way to send him little love messages throughout the day!

“Every day there is something that happens where both John and I look at each and just know that it’s going to be a comic eventually,” she told The Huffington Post.


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