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Celebrating one year of dating

The more space we create in our lives, the more we can receive.

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As the philosopher Kanye West once said, your presence is a present.Jumpstart your 2018 with some quality me time to journal and plan.And if you are not totally sure what your heart wants, find out with a free report at That way when the right one appears, we are already clear on how we are to be treated.Decide to not get caught up in the commercial frenzy of the holidays and choose to conserve your spending and save.My burlesque teacher Chicava has a new online course called Sacred Burlesque.If you are traveling solo, you are primed to walk right by some crying babies into seat upgrades and have the most flexibility for an enhanced experience.Before him, I had gone through a handful (a rather large hand, mind you) of unsuccessful courtships.I had this adorable little gift of suffocating the guys I was seeing. After much thoughtful soul searching, I began to realize I had gravitated toward men who spoke more to the wounds of my heart, than the whole of my heart.I'm 24 and finally dating a guy past a few months (yes I'm a late bloomer) but I'm not too sure if celebrating a years worth of dating is a thing.How I planned on "gifting" him was buying him his favorite beer, cooking some burgers and getting a little sexy ;) (not that I don't do the last, I'm just sure he'll appreciate a little lace instead of cotton lol).


  1. Sep 03, 2009 One Year Dating Anniversary- So? marriages, cancer, romantic. I don't see any significance in celebrating the fact that we've been dating a year.

  2. We have the most opportunity of any women before us and access to a worldwide dating. That way when the right one. Get a head start on the New Year by.

  3. Guys, Celebrating 1 year dating anniversary? I'm 24 and finally dating a guy past a few months yes I'm a late bloomer but I'm not too sure if celebrating a years.

  4. Romantic, fun, and creative anniversary ideas! Including anniversary date ideas, anniversary gift ideas, and much more! See more ideas about Anniversary ideas.

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