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lets an employee discreetly signal for help at any time with just the touch of a button.

This may be called for in situations where the user is in a dangerous work situation or in a customer situation where they are becoming very uncomfortable or fear for their safety. Where safety is a concern, for example, when walking to the car at night or being nervous about a suspicious person, simply pressing and holding the Emergency button prepares the app for an emergency.

If they sign up to our affiliate program with your “Get ” referral code (in the Check Mate app) they will make money on every check and so will you.

call will require the lone worker to leave their location details such as current location, route of travel and where they will be until the next check-in.

Should a check-in be missed, the Location Recording information will be provided to the alert contact your company provided and the lone worker will receive the aid they need.

You can also view Location Recordings when they are posted to your online account.

This feature allows for remote access by the end user to activate and deactivate check-ins, delay calls or alter the check-in frequency.

To inquire about this feature or add it to your existing account, please contact our team toll-free at 1-866-775-6620.

Depending on the risk the employee is exposed to, you are able to choose from 2, 3 or 5-minute intervals for the automatic call-backs.Simply log in to your online account and make the necessary adjustments.If this feature is chosen, will make a final call during the last 14 minutes of the lone workers’ shift even if the last check-in call was already made.This can be very efficient if your lone worker is operating heavy machinery and/or vehicles.With the customization screen, you can manage statutory holiday, staff vacations and sick days ahead of time to avoid false alarms and lapses in coverage.Check Mate has partnered with a national physicians network to provide free counseling/telemedicine nationwide with any positive result from a Check Mate test.In most states our physician network will also provide a free prescription where applicable.We designed Check Mate so you can show and share your test results with only the personal information you want to share.If you pass the Total Check you earn a Gold Pass that you can customize and share with only your name or screen name.compiles a variety of information such as sex offender data, local demographic information, aliases, birth, death, and marriage certificates, arrest records, convictions, possible relatives, and much more from a number of databases at both the local and federal level, as well as independent sources.Check Mate can be imprinted with your custom imprint or choose from today’s most popular software packages including Quicken, Quick Books, Peachtree and others. Check Mate Online is a service available to all registered users that allows you to proof and order checks online!


  1. CheckMate Online is a service available to all registered users that allows you to proof and order checks online! Graphic Dimensions proprietary AFFIRM MICR Verification Technology makes ordering checks easy! Never worry again about having to send a voided check sample or calling a bank to request a spec sheet!

  2. CheckMate Small Business Solutions is a service bureau providing fully outsourced payroll processing solutions. Our firm is. Service is everything to us, and it should be everything to you too! Our clients are. Our Tax Filing department stays informed and up to date with all payroll tax law changes within the United States.

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