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Cons of dating someone older

This can go the other way too; they won’t fight about that guy who always likes your Insta photos.This can cause a problem especially if someone comments on your picture, “Who’s that old man in the photo with you” or “ Is that your uncle?Did they just get out of a marriage and are simply trying to prove to themselves they still have what it takes to bag a babe? The Pros While others may find it creepy, dating someone ten years older or younger could be just what you need to keep the relationship interesting.While you might be able to keep your man young and modern, he could impart his extra years of wisdom on you, working out a beautiful balance between youthfulness and maturity in the relationship.And while our pairing may seem like a bad combination, this relationship was the best 10 months of my life.If you’re about to enter a relationship with someone who’s older than you, there are a few things you need to know.More so than you’re willing to reveal to your parents–let’s just put it that way.As if the world of dating didn’t already have enough nuances and complications, differences in age between you and your significant other can be a common source of complication.

I happen to be dating someone older at the moment.. This can seriously reduce the drama in your relationship!They may not have social media or use it very often, which means no stalking of girls who like or comment on his pictures.Doing the math in my head that meant he had to be at least 40. Most of the time it doesn’t really feel like there’s an age difference, including when we’re with my friends.But sometimes the age difference seems a bit more defined, in good and bad ways.I have guy friends my age who are like this, too, but they’re my mature guy friends. Anyone who has dated someone older have pros or cons to add? So you’ve finally met a guy who seems worthy of your time.Their weekends don’t consist of getting wasted and showing off how much he can lift at the gym.It’s also the little things, like knowing what a coaster is and paying attention to the weather forecast.I dated a guy who was 15 years older than me, and boy did I learn a few things.We ended the relationship because we both wanted different things for our future; he was a divorced father of two and I was in my last year of uni.


  1. Nov 20, 2016. When it comes to being in a relationship with an older man, there's a lot of pros and cons that will come with that type of relationship, but the same can be said for any relationship. That doesn't mean you have to run from the idea of dating an older man, look at George Clooney and Amal, they appear to be.

  2. Jun 16, 2015. Here is a list the top 5 pros and cons of dating an older man—applicable to most everyone who is older—that I'd never considered The Bad. I agree it would be weird to date someone who is close to my parents' age or who has kids close to my age, but neither Cole nor my parents were candidates for 16.

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