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Dark taboo web chat rooms

Kids are becoming sexual at an early age, and I think that speaks to it well.

Why do you think this new internet persona is the natural progression for Betty’s dark side?

The Atmosphere: Taboo Lounge is an eclectic speakeasy with an eye for art.

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In the meantime, consider this lounge the kind of place that your coolest, most artistic friends would hang out.

Who’s There: Because it’s a destination location (i.e., there’s not much around it), Taboo draws in a diverse crowd, to say the least.

The place casts a wide net, too: Between jazz nights, Latin nights, art shows, live music, and Wednesday karaoke, they offer up something for everyone to enjoy.

Expect a blend of artistic types—people Ubering up from the Design District, 9-to-5ers stopping by after work to sing a little karaoke, and everyone in between.

(I was told the location used to be a Mexican strip club, so every so often someone comes in looking for the old place.


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