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Dating service toronto teen quiz

UNICEF and partners are working to ensure children have clean water worldwide, from trucking in water during emergencies to establishing water pumps and sustainable water systems for generations of families. C – New HIV cases fell by 40% We can create an AIDS-free generation. Goals to help direct humanitarian work for the next thousand years A. There have been great strides to reduce global poverty and improve access to health and education, yet the common misperception is that things are worse. As we move forward, we need to focus on the poorest and most disadvantaged children. Bonus fact: we are also working to eliminate diseases like maternal and neonatal tetanus, measles and rubella. C – 2.6 billion people gained access to clean water Water is life. But is this a positive development or something to be concerned about?

e Harmony started in 2000, Ok Cupid in 2004, and more recently, a wave of mobile people-swiping apps, like Tinder and Hinge, have become wildly popular.

Understanding your partner’s emotional behavior, as well as your own is the key to successfully dealing with relationship challenges, solving problems and to better communication.

Learn More Our psychology instrument profiles your behavioral patterns in four well-researched dimensions of relationships.

Goals to help end extreme poverty on a global scale, which launched in 2000 C. 2050 Did you know that we have seen more progress for humanity in the past 20 years than any other time in history? C – Half the number of people were living in extreme poverty This statistic alone shows that great progress is possible. Growth is sustainable; if the world invests in programs for adolescents and youth now, there is great potential for economic and social growth. C – Polio cases declined by 99% From vaccinating children door-to-door in remote villages to emergency vaccination drives, UNICEF and partners are close to a polio-free world.

Goals to help improve the lives of Millennials (people born between 19) B. However, literacy is lowest in least developed countries and higher among males than females. To ensure every child realizes their right to education, UNICEF is working to address inequalities (especially with girls’ education) and reach the most vulnerable (like children caught in conflict and crises). By continuing to support moms and newborns with a mix of tried and true initiatives (like vaccinations) and innovations (like SMS health reporting), we can and will save lives. C – There will be two billion children in 2100 according to projections A false perception is that the world is ‘overpopulated’ or is growing at an alarming rate. *This quiz was inspired by the brilliant minds at Gapminder. For more information on global progress, please refer to The Millennium Development Goals Report 2015.


  1. Sep 29, 2017. Welcome to Slate's weekly news quiz. At the end of the quiz, you'll be able to compare your score with that of the average contestant, as well as with the score of a Slatester who has agreed to take the quiz. Pete Rose lost his position with Fox Sports after admitting to a tryst with a teen girl in the 1970s.

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