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The bikes are currently in the first stage of development, but further details will be released about its design and implementation in the autumn.

During the summit Mr Roosegaarde emphasised his vision for Schoonheid, a Dutch word meaning beauty and cleanliness.

'True beauty is clean air and it should not be taken for granted', he said.'Beijing used to be an iconic bicycle city.

'Together with Chinese and Dutch expertise we will bring back the bicycle as a cultural icon of China and as the next step towards smog free cities.' Mr Roosegaarde also announced the next stages of development for his Smog Free Tower at the summit.

They then calculated pollution levels in the home and used devices worn by the participants to on their wrists for a week and monitored their movement while they slept.

In order to refute the claim of some Catholic Apologist who visits this blogsite, I decided to show some video clips uploaded on Youtube of some of the debates that we already have against Catholics.

The elder Manalo was known for his austere lifestyle, resisting calls from concerned Iglesia members for him to seek medication when he got ill.

INC insiders told Rappler “Ka Erdy” believed that money collected from members should not be spent by him.

Not long after Eraño’s death, the Iglesia’s Sanggunian or Council under the new executive minister Eduardo underwent a purge.The innovative bike will feature a front facing module that inhales polluted air, cleans it, and the releases clean air around the cyclist.The plans are part of a wider Smog Free project that includes towers which use the technology and the pollutants they collect are then turned into jewellery.Those sympathetic to the side of INC expelled minister Felix Nathaniel “Angel” Manalo and his mother Cristina “Tenny” alleged it was Santos who alienated INC executive minister Eduardo Manalo from his family.This was supposedly part of a power play and struggle that saw several old INC officials being kicked out after the death of the former executive minister, Eraño “Ka Erdy” Manalo.It is one of the most polluted countries on the planet, but a new project hopes to use pedal power to help free China of its smog-filled air.The Smog Free Bicycle will absorb carbon and other particles from the atmosphere in major cities like Beijing.The plans are part of a wider project that includes towers which use the technology, with the pollutants they collect then turned into jewellery.Dutch artist and designer Daan Roosegaarde who kick-started the scheme has signed a deal with Chinese bike-sharing startup OFO to make the Smog Free Bicycle a reality.Everyone occasionally struggles to get a good night’s sleep - perhaps being kept awake worries about work, or simply struggling to ‘switch off’.But not many of us will have put our nocturnal worries down to air pollution.


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