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He was to keep 3 horse-soldiers and 6 foot and was expected to clear all Irish from his land.The Dingle Peninsula formed part of the area planted by English settlers under Elizabeth I.He did not receive any weapons and would have been a wanted man if he returned to Ireland.The 16 Earl of Desmond died in the Tower of London c1607.At the Court of Enquiry set up in Dingle de cush in 1584 to enquire into the lands of the defeated Gerald, Earl of Desmond, there were six Trant’s and six Rices.574,628 acres of Desmond lands, in all a total of a million acres were confiscated in Desmond (Munster). The lands were granted to English Planters and those Irish and Normans who had been pardoned for rebelling against Elizabeth I. Garrett Trant Fitz James deceased and his heir Edward Trant, Protestant six years before the taking of this survey in March 1654.Mac Carthy Mor (Earl of Clancar) was not driven from his lands in Iveragh after the Norman defeat by the Elizabethan English but the Mc Carthy’s were driven from their lands in the Cromwellian war of 1649-1653.

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This shows a good relationship between the Irish chieftain, Mac Carthy Mor, Garrett Trant and the ‘New English.’ In Tudor times, a ‘tame’ Irish Chieftain was called ‘the Queen’s O’Brien.’ Later in the same year, Garrett Trant informed Mac Carthy Mor of the arrival of a Spanish force of c600 troops at Fort-Del-Ore (the fort of gold), Smerwick Bay near Dingle.

Earl of Desmond, James Fitz Thomas Fitzgerald sent Dominic Trant of Fenit, County Kerry to Spain to seek arms.

It is assumed that Dominic was entrusted with money to finance the trip and buy the weapons.

The settlers were chosen from Cornwall, Devon, Hampshire, Cheshire and Lancashire.

Each was to receive 700 acres of Irish land and pay a rent of about 3d per acre per annum to the English establishment.


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