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Dating in niger state

Even the Patti word is a Nupe word meaning hill, Mount Patti hill and other surrounding hills are hunting areas of the Lokoja people, at Mount Patti there is aged three that most of the former hunters write their name in Ajami and the Latin script, that will make you observe that there is no settlement at Mount Patti.This was the status quo until the Europeans arrived.The statement added that the troops which carried out the operation were drawn from 133 Special Forces Battalion under 707 Special Forces Brigade, adding that three soldiers died in the operation and another three wounded.The statement added, “It will be recalled that the Police officer, ASP Bahago Ibrahim, was shot and whisked away by unknown heavily armed bandits at Mangodo village, Niger State, while the women were abducted from different locations.Later follow the turn of leadership to Alhaji Yahaya Muhammadu Maikarfi, and after his demise Alhaji Kabiru son of Yahaya Muhammadu Maikarfi take on.They were able to sustain themselves by engaging in farming and hunting activities at Agbaja hill.

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Unfortunately, three soldiers lost their lives and three others were wounded during the encounter.” The statement reiterated the mission of Nigerian Army and its commitment to protecting the law-abiding citizens against all forms of internal and external aggression anywhere in the country.These different groups lived in different quarters of the town but were closely related socio-politically. Present day Lokoja is ruled by the Maigari (chief) of Lokoja, and his 12 Hakimi (Sub chiefs) It is important to note however, that each group have their own local criteria: for example, the Maigari has no jurisdiction over the Olu of Oworo, but he does have authority over Ganaja, Kwakware, Sarkin Numa, Adankolo, ward A to ward E and other villages of the Lokoja Holland that is the Salkawa people.The present modern settlement at Lokoja was established in 1857 by the British explorer William Baikie at the site of an earlier model farm constructed during the failed Niger expedition of 1841.The Bassa-Nges believe that they settled at the foot of Mount Patti when they came into Lokoja before later moving again and migrating to settle across the Benue just to the north of the Igalas.Whatever the case may be, it is difficult to categorically state in what order any or each of these groups came after the Oworos to settle in Lokoja town.The first Governor-General, Sir Frederick Lugard, governed the new nation of Nigeria from Lokoja.Other subsequent settlers into the city include the Yoruba (mainstream), the Igala, the Igbira (Igbira Tao and Igbira Koto), and the Bassa-Nge people.“The troops, which acted on a tip off, responded swiftly to rescue the victims from the armed bandits who were also alleged to have stolen over 100 cows from the village.“During the pursuit, the troops entered into an ambush laid by the armed bandits.The Military personnel under the 707 Special Forces Brigade of Nigerian Army have rescued a retired Police officer and three women in what it terms ‘clearance operation’ at Mangodo village in Niger State.According to the statement issued and signed by the Assistant Director, Army Public Relations 707 Special Forces Brigade, Major Olabisi Ayeni in Makurdi on Friday, a copy made available to our correspondent explained that the rescued persons include a retired Assistant Superintendent of Police, ASP Bahago Ibrahim. Jamila Idris from Sarkin Pawa town, all in Niger State.


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