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Dating in society

Today online dating is the second most common way for a heterosexual couple to meet and the most common for homosexual couples.

So Josue Ortega, from the University of Essex, UK, and Philipp Hergovich, from the University of Vienna, Austria, decided it was time to explore how it affects society.

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For simplicity, each "agent" was looking to marry a member of the opposite sex.

In the noughts, numbers of interracial couples increased by 50 percent.

More recently, apps like Tinder are accelerating the trend.

I have a certain touch.just for you I have a certain kiss especially for you Deep love knows no boundaries…only trust We give this love our all.have to.must It’s taken me too long to find you my friend I will give you my heart for you to lend I would like you to to take it and secure it away In a place where its it’s safe and locked away If you agree, and you feel the same No doubt in the future…I will take your name Until that day comes…I cope with the pain And all of the things that go with the disdain You know who you are to me I don’t have to explain make my soul whole….

Online dating (and dating apps in particular) gets its fair share of bad press, whether it's for causing a "dating apocalypse" or concerns over users' privacy.


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