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I could never sleep with someone who owned a gun and voted for Nixon. Decades into the future, that hippie chick fell in love with a conservative Vietnam veteran.And, after subjecting him for years to poetry readings, self-actualization meetings and Woodstock wannabe festivals, agreed to accompany him one night to our local DAV for a drink or two.Mama smokes the turkey, while Daddy smokes the farm.It's an Old Hippie Christmas, just full of yuletide fun.Once in the car, I smiled at myself in the overhead mirror. We can plan for our future, but it doesn't always turn out the way we think it will.

(Haight-Ashbury slang), from earlier hippie, 1953, usually a disparaging variant of hipster (1941) "person who is keenly aware of the new and stylish," from hip "up-to-date" (see hip (adj.)).

And he knew very little about the war he was fighting.

The day he came home from Vietnam, he slipped quietly into the airport bathroom, changed into civilian clothes, dumping his uniform in the trash (all but jacket and medals) and walked away. It pains me to think what I might have been doing that day.

It is also explained that, sometime prior to Woodstock, he was drafted to Vietnam and forced to "become a man while he was still a boy." Afterward, he began waiting for something good to happen in his life, before adopting his way of life.

Eventually, the man does change, taking up such interests as jogging while staying away from parties and nightclubs.


  1. Guys do you date them. I LOVE the hippy women of today, I think we click on so many levels in addition to physical that I know that if I were to get into a relationship again, it would totally be with a hippy. Not trying to sound old! and hippie type girls were more open to do this with me, which I liked.

  2. Jan 30, 2018. It must be nice to be geriatric and rich. In the case of Quincy Jones, the 84-year-old proudly brags about the bevy of young women across the country who get to massage his shrinkled-up balls.

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