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Dating people from

You try before you buy.” So how do the people measure up so far? Dating criteria range from “cute”, “smart” and “hot” to “rat” and “f***boy”.

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Plus, while the app is designed for those aged 17 and over, you can imagine school- age children obsessing over one-star reviews.

Crucially, you can only create an account if you have the person’s phone number: at which point your date receives a text message, asking them to verify their account or request to have it removed.

The reviews are anonymous but you can only submit one clandestine post per profile.

“Eventually our goal is to be the most honest dating app out there, because we have an in-built review service,” says Amsbury.

“It takes away the conundrum whereby someone’s profile is different to the reality, because they’re being peer-reviewed. ” For example, Five-star Chris, 30, is “a true gentleman” who took his anonymous date to a vegan restaurant and has “no mad opinions... There’s less pity for one-star Aaron, 29, whose anonymous reviewer “found out that he had a fiancé and two other girlfriends”.


  1. Jan 9, 2018. The USP Based around suggesting dates, rather than banging on about yourself. Pros Beautifully designed. Cons Not many people use it. Yet. Verdict One for grown ups. If dating apps have an 'atmosphere', then How About We is a pleasant summer garden party where people enjoy polite conversation.

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