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Dating vs marriage material what are some good dating sites

If you feel that your sex drive is abnormally low, check with your physician to make sure you are healthy – both mentally and physically so that you can work this out before entertaining the thought of eventually becoming a wife.

The main idea is here is not to imply that being a good wife lies between your legs, but instead to consider real life circumstances when choosing a life partner. You haven’t “found” yourself Sometimes, the breaking point of a marriage comes at the hands of one person’s realization that they need to find themselves.

In marriage, you need to find a balance between being together and being out with others.

If you haven’t gotten your partying ways out of your system, you may want to give marriage a second thought. You Do Not Like (His) Children There is nothing wrong with not liking or wanting children – it’s not for everyone, and it doesn’t automatically exclude you from being seen as wifey material.

If you don’t remember that you give up the “I’s” for a “we”, you’ll be putting an unrealistic expectation on your future husband to hold down the marriage on his own. You’re Extremely Jealous If you’re a jealous person by nature, this won’t change once he puts a ring on it – it’ll only make it worse.

If you WANT to, then great – you can change and be a great wife to a wonderful man. Non-Sexual, Low Libido Sex isn’t everything in a relationship, but it’s important, and anyone who says differently is either a virgin or is lying.After all, you can’t attract a man who possesses the traits of a good husband if you don’t display those traits yourself (and of course the same applies to men).If you’re unsure, these signs may indicate that you may not make a good wife – and have some work to do on yourself before you walk the aisle. You’re Selfish Marriage is not only a commitment, it’s a haven where the essence of love is in self-giving.If you want him to cater to you constantly without reciprocating, you’re not good when it comes to compromise, and you don’t want to share him with family or friends, chances are your selfishness will eventually alienate and suffocate him.Most selfish people use their partner’s love against them and hold their partners accountable for their own happiness.However, the type of outlet and frequency should not compromise the amount of time you spend with each other.He may feel that stepping out to a club every weekend instead of spending time at home is disrespectful and that he isn’t a priority.But if you haven’t finished sowing your royal oats, then don’t bring anyone else into your mess. Marriage is made up of love, respect, commitment…and sex, and if your libidos don’t match or your sex drive is non-existent, chances are you probably won’t even make it past the courting stage to a proposal unless you both have taken a vow of celibacy until then.Most couples relate to each other through intimacy, so if you rarely want to have sex, your partner may feel disconnected, and he will eventually look for that connection elsewhere.Some guys are relationship material and some are just … Not that anyone I know has ever made that err in judgment before.


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