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Dating with anxiety

In other words, social situations have both scary and wonderful components.On one hand, feeling unprepared for the "unknown" can be a bit intimidating.

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Here are 5 Tips for Curious Dating: 1) Be open-minded and optimistic - Focus on the positive possibilities within any social situation.

Rather, just enjoy the moment and pay attention to the good parts. Notice the laughs, good jokes, and interesting opinions.

2) Focus on them (not on yourself) - Really listen to what your potential partners or dates are saying.

Listen to their words, notice their body language, smiles, and eye contact. Stay "outside" of yourself, ignore your internal reactions, and focused on them.

Don't get stuck on your own thoughts, concerns, or opinions.


  1. Today's guest blog comes from Licensed Psychologist Dr. Shannon Kolakowski, who explores how to work through a very difficult obstacle in dating — anxiety. Dating is a bit intimidating for most people. But if you are an anxious person, dating is more than intimidating — it can be downright painful and terrifying.

  2. Jun 1, 2011. Have you ever felt nervous meeting someone new, trying to talk to them, or going on a date? If so, here is a method to lessen the stress and anxiety of flirting, dating, and relating.

  3. Jan 12, 2017. Anxiety are the beginning stages of relationships, you struggle to get through normally because in you always seem to ruin something before it begins. It's staying up at night and tossing and turning because you wonder how someone feels. It's questioning if this is really something or is it all in your head.

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