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I would like to address an extremely complicated and unfortunate topic which affects us all, one I’ve come to know too well in my years of matchmaking and community service: why are so many Jewish men consistently choosing, often by default, to be with non-Jewish women when there are literally hundreds of available Jewish women in St. The phrases I hear almost daily are basically the same: Non-Jewish women are easier~lower maintenance~nicer~sweeter Jewish women are demanding~jappy~high maintenance~spoiled~entitled . We women must take a look at ourselves and make some adjustments to address this ubiquitous problem in the world as we watch the Jewish population age and shrink. These perceptions are not always accurate, and they absolutely do not describe every Jewish woman! Are too many Jewish women domineering and critical, demanding b—-es?Show curiosity about their culture too, their country and they will gladly tell you a lot more.

Instead, get to know her first then let her teach you if you are really interested in knowing how to say something in their language.Those are some great traits, too, and it doesn’t matter what you look like to have those.The usual traditional dating tips may not likely work for you especially when dating Asian women. To gain trust and genuine companionship from an Asiatic woman, there are some do’s and Don’ts you need to know.Can Jewish women have both, a wonderful profession and a strong Jewish marriage? We must find the difficult balance by working hard at career, never slacking off in our appearance and our manner.We must keep it up throughout our marriage and our entire lives.I’d rather not be characterized in the same manner as animals or food. We make up most of the world’s female population, especially when 48.76 percent of China’s population of 1.3 billion identifies as female.As I jokingly put it, I am the world’s average woman.Could this be one contributing factor to the fifty percent divorce rate and the fifty percent intermarriage rate, and to the bigger picture of the decline in American and world Jewry?In other articles, I have addressed topics such as our appearance but really more important are our behavior patterns.Asian-American woman to the white men who like women based on their race or ethnicity: Please don’t post that you like or prefer x-race or ethnicity in your dating profiles. We’d like to think you like us based on other criteria other than what we look like.You know, like our sense of humor and common interests.


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  2. Nov 13, 2013. There seems to be an online dating site for just about every preference. But a new study shows that more people are dating across ethnic lines, and Asian women are the most preferred. Host Michel Martin talks about that - and other websites raising eyebrows - with the ladies of the Beauty Shop Demetria.

  3. Jan 3, 2014. Once I started dating Asian women, the contrast was absolutely stunning. And no, I do not think all Asian women are docile and submissive – trust me, my girlfriend often “hocks” me, too – but there is a big difference between the behavior of a majority though not all of the Jewish women I have dated and.

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