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A deep study of Black History is the most profound way to learn about the psychology of Europeans and to understand the psychology that flows from their history.

If we don’t know ourselves, not only are we a puzzle to ourselves; other people are also a puzzle to us as well.

We assume the wrong identity and identify ourselves with our enemies.

If we don’t know who we are then we are whomever somebody tells us we are." —The immortal OG The prospect of Rev.

-live near San Andrés Village on the Nanay River -native community consists of about 3,000 native-speakers almost all living in Peru (about 2000 individuals) and Colombia (about 1000 people)-Con 371 personas, los boras representan 0,15% de la población indígena censada.-Located in the Putumayo district on the rivers: Ampiyacu, Putumayo y Yahuasyacu

rop3=210265&rog3=PEHuitoto-Con un total de 1917 personas, los huitoto (muiname, 105 individuos; meneca 676; y murui, 1136) constituyen el 0,80% de la población indígena censada en 1993.-Located in the Indiana, Napo, Punchana, and Putumayo districts on the riveres: Ampiyacu y Putumayo, Napo, Nanay, Yaguasyacu Yagua:-3,000 to 4,000 Yagua people in northeastern Peru-Located in the Indiana, Las Amazonas, and Putumayo districts on the rivers: Amazonas y afluentes, Nanay y Atacuari TUCANO: Orejón:-Located in the Mazan, Napo, & Putumayo districts on the rivers: Yanayacu, Sucusari, Algodón y Putumayo-Con 288 individuos en 1933, los orejones constituyen sólo 0,12% del total de la población indígena censada

Al Sharpton’s leadership has taken on a reckless terrifying dimension.

Therefore knowing the self becomes a knowledge of the world.

He has a pronounced ability to articulate and boldly defend the popular attitudes and positions held by his largely conformist "African American", constituency.

His analytical insights are typically appropriate, witty, unmistakably down to earth, humorous (at times), colorful and marked with the charisma of a natural leader.

The white power structure welcomes Black leadership that promotes slow, reformist measures that operate within the legal confines of the system.

A natural Afrikan leader must be well rounded, forward thinking, flexible, and be able to define, contextualize, and analyze crisis issues to most importantly put forth meaningful, effective strategies to mediate and manage crisis situations towards the achievement of progressive ends.


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