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And tests have shown Oswald did indeed have time to fire a third shot that struck the 46-year-old Kennedy in the head and deliver the lethal blow, making his convoy’s race through the streets of Dallas to Parkland Memorial Hospital, a journey in vain. Given the number of killings and attempted killings involving people with mental health problems, not least the 1981 attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan, this ought not to surprise us so much.Furthermore, although a 1979 report by United States House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded there was a second shooter, that was based on an audio that has since been shown to have been recorded after the shooting and did not contain the sound of gunshots. But back in 1963, people were stunned - by the horror of the event, of the blood and gore stuck to Ms Kennedy’s dress as her dead husband’s successor was sworn in, of the casual nature of the crime, and - essentially - at the lack of balance.For all of that, cold rational examination of the facts leads to the conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone when he killed Kennedy using a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle he bought by mail-order for .78.Forensics experts have shown how that second bullet - the so-called “magic bullet”, which never shed its full metal covering - could have struck Kennedy and then gone on to seriously injure Governor Connally. Yet the myth that was built around him - even more so after his death - was of a youthful, glamorous leader setting America on a positive, upward path. Against this, you have Lee Harvey Oswald, a man who may have suffered from mental health problems and who was able to easily buy a deadly weapon and kill the man who held the highest office in the land.

“If you put the murdered President of the United States on one side of the scale and that wretched waif Oswald on the other side, it does not balance,” he said. It would invest the President's death with meaning.However, to find out that the people I date are at just as much risk of biphobia as I am is shocking. I date people because of their personality, not just because of what’s in-between their legs and that’s a far more authentic way to live. Even if your married, your husband still notices other women.Here’s the top 10 most common questions I am asked so you can finally stop wondering. Basically – I’m not a pervert who has declared themselves loyal only to one type of genitalia. It’s called hormones and as of May 2016 there is no known cure.Yes, some men damage our reputation by pretending to be bi on their way out of the closet (thanks Tom Daley), but those men are gay, bisexual men are bisexual. Once you’ve had a few experiences with both genders you’ll be able to know if this life is for you.I’m not confused, that’s why I identify as bisexual not bicurious.In any event it’s who I am and I can’t change my genetic make-up. If you need to think of me as greedy to sleep at night that’s fine. No, if I’m dating someone that changes my relationship status not my sexuality. The classic question asked to give people peace of mind and find out if I’m more straight or gay. And then he was shot two days later by someone who has low-level links to the mob.” We all know people are willing to believe all sort of things if it suits their purpose or reinforces some fundamental belief.People such as Cliven Bundy and members of other militia believe the federal government wants to take their land and their guns, others believe vaccines are dangerous, despite overwhelming medical evidence to the contrary.What gives these conspiracies such life, is that there would have been plenty of motives for a plot to kill Kennedy.Lyndon Johnson became president as a result of what happened, Kennedy and the CIA had just tried to overthrow Cuban leader Fidel Castro, Kennedy’s brother, Robert Kennedy, who was himself assassinated five years later, was leading a crackdown against the mafia as his brother’s Attorney General.


  1. People who carry out charity work and other good deeds experience less anger and stress and feel more positive and self-confident, a study has found.

  2. It’s really not that simple Picture Corbis If you’re dating a guy doesn’t that make you gay? No, if I’m dating someone that changes my relationship status.

  3. Aug 21, 2017. Please do not arrange to meet us at the Tube station and then say, “so, where do you fancy going. It's as though they're actually there purely to soak up the ambience of the pub and their date's company has been requested solely so they don't look like a Billy No Mates. It's just British good manners.

  4. Jul 9, 2011. Single women in their 40s and 50s are increasingly feeling that their love lives are over as men their own age use online dating to cherry-pick. way couples met across the UK – behind being introduced by friends or family – and for older people it can be a perfect way to "dip a toe back into dating".

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