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Also, the router only sends an update of a particular if a topology change has occurred to that specific route.

In addition, this update is only sent to relevant neighbour routers, not to all routers.

Routing Updates are NOT regularly sent, thereby minimising bandwidth usage, instead Updates are sent when there are changes to routes, and even then, the Updates are only sent to those routers that need them.

If one router requests an Update, the Update is unicast, but if a number of routers require an Update (e.g.

Over time as and when updates are sent, the RTO starts to come down, this only happens if changes occur in the network since EIGRP only sends updates when changes occur.

EIGRP uses Split Horizon and Poison Reverse to ensure that routes learned on a particular interface are not re-advertised out of that same interface, or if they are, that they are advertised as unreachable.

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The Topology Table lists all the learned routes to a destination whilst the Routing Table contains the best route to a destination, which is known as the Successor.

because of a topology change), then the Update is multicast.

The Hello packet contains a Hold Time which is 3 times the Hello Interval.

Using the cut down formula EIGRP metric = 256*(Bw Delay), we obtain the value 256*(10Neighbour discovery is achieved via the periodic use of Hello packets.

The Hello Interval is every 5 seconds on LANs and fast WANs using multicast Hellos, and every 60 seconds on slow WAN links (except point-to-point sub-interfaces), using Unicast Hellos.


  1. Hi, All routers are in eigrp, when I excute the clear ip eigrp neighbors, the route get removed and the correct routes gets inserted into the routing table.

  2. Network not participating in OSPF. Does not appear in the. 100.1 It is an autonomous system boundary router Redistributing External Routes from, eigrp 1.

  3. I have got routes namely.0/24 and.0/24 on R2 that I want to filter. Gateway of last resort is not set. EIGRP Route filterring - Prefix list.

  4. First, it will update the entry in the routing table, keeping it pointing through Router1 but updating the total metric to 100. In EIGRP. not routes. Also, I.

  5. Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol. Auto-Summarization of External Routes. EIGRP will not auto-summarize external routes unless there is a component of.

  6. This section discusses methods for troubleshooting EIGRP route advertisement. EIGRP is not advertising routes to neighbors when the network administrators think.

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