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Error updating infotype 0009 in ess

If changes have been made the output of the load will be the update of the Time Administrator field in IT0001 for employees whose Time Administrator Group has changed. 9/80 Employees Holiday Calendar Assignment When a Holiday falls on an employees 9/80 day off, the Holiday is moved to the prior day so the employees schedule can reflect the Holiday and the 9/80 day off. Filtered cost object drop down selection When an employee currently selects a cost object they are presented with a filtered list of SAP CO/PM/PS configured cost objects to choose from. The requirement is that when certain conditions are met the employee should be forced to enter comments in the free text screen.

The list is filtered by an external program which filters out cost objects that should not be available for selection in time entry. Restrict ESS/MSS/CATS Drop Down for Absence/Attendance time types according to EE Sub Groups. This gap is that comments can only be entered on the ESS daily view screen, but not on weekly view. Quota Overview Columns Headings in ESS to be changed as per company terminology. Nobody can enter time or correct time entry when Time Evaluation is running.

We are in the process of converting People Soft HCM to SAP.

Here are some of the items we found in the Fit-Gap analysis.

This needs to be reviewed and determine a process to ensure that all transactions that impact payroll area are entered timely 12.

In order to pay inactive and terminated employees we need to override “run payroll up to date” on the employee’s payroll status record at termination. How to set-up Employee Time allocations in SAP – In CATS Time Entry or in FICO Configuration - Task Profiles are currently used in People Soft to allocate employees time value to various charged cost objects - This allocation process is required to ensure accurate FICO posting and downstream Partner Billing process 15. - Hard Error If Hourly employees charge Attendances to their home cost center - Hard Error If Hourly employees charge absences to a cost center that is not their home cost center - Hard Error If Midstream employees charge attendances or absences to their home cost center - Hard Error If employees do not enter comments when charging out worked hours to a charged cost object which is not their home cost center - Hard Error If minimum hours are not entered for call out and call in attendances - Hard Error travel units time entry (maximum 1 unit per day) 16.

We are currently on Oracle Application Server 10g (9.0.4) on Solaris, 64 bit.

However, many time terminated employees need to be paid "after" their termination date e.g. The use of the task profile allows the employee to just enter their daily worked hours and not require them to allocate their hours every day/week and ensure data accuracy, FICO posting and partner billing.

The timekeeper creates and maintains the employees task profiles which change as the employee works in different areas.

The charged cost objects available for assignment in the task profile are based on the "filtered list" from SAP.

We need to confirm that this is how it is handled in SAP. Delimit/Edit Sub-Bank When editing a sub bank, the existing sub-bank is delimited as of yesterday and the new sub-bank is effective today.

In this situation payroll will deduct "both" the previous sub-bank and new sub-bank amount which is not desired.


  1. I am facing a problem while updating Infotype 0009 through workflow which is integrdated with portal. Error while updating bank details through ESS. Hi All,

  2. Things SAP cannot do. Submitted by. as PTO pay out entry will not be done via ESS and mid-stream. 0009 - Bank Details; Infotype 0011

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