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Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. No man merits the reputation of a good accoucheur unless he possess a thorough appreciation not only of the immediate dangers but of the far-reaching consequences of the faulty practice of his art ; nor can his equipment be looked upon as otherwise than defective unless it include an ability to repair surgical injuries at the time of their occurrence. About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. L^^fi^@ yii SSi^ Ll^ ^^i^IIMi; ii Ui and is i»««^ ^« f*^ n^mored from th& Libr^na f # /*// oni^ person or nndtr •' / ;*' w Uutever. In'submitting this work to the critical judgment of the medical profession, it is my earnest hope that the principles which have governed my own practice may prove a safe guide to others. — General influence of labor-pains upon the or- ganism.

Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. D., FBom Aom OF o Bflrnenuos avd tiic disxaskb op women aivd childrkn ih ths bbllxvitb bobpital MKDICAJL CXB ; OOHBn XTIIf O PHTBICIAlf TO THS MATSBiri TT HOSPITAL ; TISITINO PHTBXOIAX TO THB SMBBOBKCT BOfl PITAL; OTHJMOL06IBT TO THB BBLLBVUB HOSPITAL; PBLLOW OP THB AMBBIOAlf OTHJCOOLOOIOAL BOOZBTT; OOBBBSPOIf BTir O PBLLOW OP THB OBtl RBXOAL BOCn ETDBB OP BDCIBVBOH ABD LONDON ; BTO., BTC. This hook u theprop^rffj of COOPER MEDICAL COLLEGE, SAN ffl Af40IS00. and in wof to ht^ remold fi^^m the Libr'f'tf fu K'.'i htf Oi'jt p'Tson or fiudtr '/' . In reviewing the field of practice, I have not found it possible to discover any natural line of division between obstetrics and gy- ns Bcology.

— Prediction of day of confinement from date of last menstrua- tion.

The Physiolooy of Labob and its Clinical Phenomena .

— Management of the first stage.— Management of the second stage.

— Simultaneous entrance of both diildren into the pelvis.


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