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I said, 'I need a drink.' David offered to get me one.

A few minutes later he came back and gave me a drink of something.

Like I said at the start, I felt a bit distant as if this was all happening to someone else. I had forgotten all about the other guys in the pool and one of them had just started fucking me.

I was just an enthralled observer, watching as I was being used. His cock was getting really hard now and he was pushing it all the way down my throat. I know lots of girls that say they gag, but I have never had that problem. Ian gave an almighty thrust and came inside me, pushing me forward and my head came off David's cock for a moment. I felt the sudden absence of his cock much more than I felt him fucking me. I thought that David would jump in and start to fuck me then, but he just pulled my head back down and I continued sucking him. I knew most of the boys in the pool but I was being fucked by one of them and I didn't even know who it was! A threesome was ok, I had done it before, but I hadn't planned on being gangbanged!

Eventually I gave up and things settled down a bit.

I became more relaxed about being naked in the pool with a group of boys. They had me pinned against the wall and were kissing and touching me all over.

He just kept moving my head up and down on his cock.They had me pinned against the wall and were getting serious. I was getting really hot with these two feeling me up and taking turns fingering me.One of them was always kissing me, while their hands were all over me and then one of them started fingering me. I kind of forgot about all the other guys in the pool.I drank about half of it in one go then placed the bottle down by the side of the pool.I was feeling pretty good and both Ian and David went back to kissing me and feeling me up. It was obvious what they wanted and I did nothing to stop it. I was in the shallow end of the pool now so my tits were out of the water for all to see.It was like I was an observer, rather than a participant. While I was sitting there on the toilet, I could hear noises coming through the wall from the bedroom next door. Josh had his cock in her mouth and the other guy was fucking her. I have always managed to get any guy I set my sights on.If it hadn't been for the physical evidence and my very sore fanny the next day, I would have almost thought it was just a dream. I was seventeen at the time the events in this story happened. I have long dark hair and small to average breasts. A third guy was standing back waiting for his turn. The guy I had set my sights on was being blown by another girl, right in front of me. He looked stunned for a moment then started to say something. Being thrown over for a tall blonde bimbo, ten minutes after I let him finger me, really hurt my pride.I knew both of them from school and I was seriously thinking about letting them take me to one of the bedrooms.I was still pissed off with Josh and fucking two of his friends in his house, was starting to seem like a good way to get revenge.Then one of them called my name and I saw that he was waving my bra in the air from the centre of the pool. It just turned into a game with the boys tossing my bra around and me chasing them. He was much taller than me so I couldn't reach but he was enjoying my bare breasts rubbing up against him as I tried to reach high enough.One of the other guys did the same thing with my jeans. I was pissed off at first but eventually my mood changed and I started to laugh along with them. Whenever my arms were outstretched, reaching for my bra, the other guys would grab my tits or stick their hands between my legs.


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