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Keeping that in mind, if you have reached a place in your life where you feel at a loss for what to do next (whether that be because you're depressed, you feel your relationship with your significant other ending, you've recently lost someone close to you, you have issues coping with the stresses of each day, etc), counseling can be extremely beneficial for you and is something to seriously consider.

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In short, this type of free counseling isn't long term, but it can be extremely beneficial in cases of emergencies.The main issue here however, is counseling - as helpful as it can be - also tends to be pretty expensive.So even if you want to get help, often it may feel impossible.Even still, while some of these groups are widely and well known (such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Sex Love Addicts Anonymous, Grief Share, etc) and are easy to find via a simple internet search for the next location and time, there are many additional support groups, likely all within your own town that are more discrete and can be a bit more difficult to find.For more obscure groups, you might consider reaching out to local counselors who specialize in the area and asking for help finding the type of group you are looking for.Nobody wants to admit they may not have the answers and that they need help.The thing is though, we all need help on occasion because we are all only human, and this is where counseling comes in. This is because, unfortunately, it carries with it the stigma that comes from being labeled as "weak".Nobody wants to admit they don't have it all together.Source: First however, it is important to understand the difference between counseling and therapy.While a counselor will generally listen, give advice and help the individual in question to reach a specific desired outcome, they aren't always trained specifically in Psychology.


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  3. This type of counseling involves calling a pre-determined number for an unscheduled and free counseling chat over the phone at any time of day or night. Even still, while some of these groups are widely and well known such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Sex Love Addicts Anonymous, Grief Share, etc and are easy to.

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