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Sadly, those dreams are cut short when she's betrayed in the most horrific way possible.

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On October 26th, 2009, widower Philip Gatusso is murdered in the quiet town of Fargo, North Dakota. Surveillance cameras show her driving into a parking lot and walking down a back alley, never to return. When a teenager goes missing from her local Walmart, detectives struggle for leads.

In what became known as "The Crime of The Century," a boy from one of Chicago's wealthiest families is kidnapped and found murdered.

The ensuing investigation zeroes in on the wealthy, thrill-seeking college students Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb. Both are outgoing and adventurous and they plan to celebrate their wedding on two continents with family and friends.

Five months before Philly restaurant manager John Thurberg is to be married, his fiancé is devastated to learn of his murder at work.

The motive is initially not clear, but when Police question employees, they uncover a web of secrets and lies.


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