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The people that I call my “family” here were also so good to me. There were many that came to visit; giving up their valuable time that could have been spent ANYWHERE else but a hospital, to cheer me up and bring me treats.The love and support from people who barely knew me was overwhelming.The medicine made me feel like crap, my body smelled funny to me, and I had no energy. The people that I was working for when I got hurt stopped paying me.I haven’t actually held any paper money in my hand that belongs to me in about 4 months now. I get depressed all over again when I read what I just wrote.She rescued me from a place that I was staying, and where I am certain, I would have died in.

But, as I was to find out, Mother Nature was saving all the good stuff to hit me with all at once. At one time, I had two back drains, an IV line, a catheter, and chest tube all coming out of me at once.

And I wasn’t getting any responses back, and couldn’t figure out why. She doesn’t deem it essential I believe; because she didn’t invent it. I meet all kinds of people that I would never dream had a facebook account, and yet they do. My other rings; I only wear when I’ve had my nails done and want to show my hands off. But that isn’t what is weighing on my heart this morning. Most of the times, I’m sure it’s a sign or symbol that the other person wears willingly, and with full returned commitment. Some rings are handmade; fashioned by a person for themselves or another, given as a gift.

Turned out, the app had somehow buggered up the resumes and was sending out pieces and parts of different forms I had saved in it. Once I started applying from my laptop, the interviews, and yes, even job offers started rolling in. As my health has improved, I am feeling better and better about the future. I never thought I would have the attention of so many men at “this age”. So, as I close this blog, I do it with renewed hope and happiness in my heart. A great deal of people don’t know what’s going on in the world without checking their newsfeeds in the morning. He had a good woman who loved him with all his flaws and imperfections. Of course the most enduring ring choice is the engagement ring, and the wedding ring. It seals the relationship in a circular symbol that says, ” I will always love you, I will belong to only you from now on.

After my stay at the hospital, I endured a very slow and painful recovery.

Each day, everyday of the week, I would have to trek to the hospital or ER on the weekends for a daily infusion of antibiotics for the next 16 weeks.


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