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Gemni on the cusp dating

Together we take these ancient divination methods and make them accessible online toeveryone, every day, for the best insight and advice regardless of religious preferences or spiritual practice. A native of Portland, Ore., Karen has a journalism background and has worked as a style, shopping, culture and travel writer for more than a decade.

Karen first began learning about Astrology at age 6, and she now enjoys studying the stars in hopes her work will be a positive influence in people's lives. We made it through the "Blood Moon" Lunar Eclipse and the Cardinal Grand Cross, which means the hardest part of 2014 is over.

On the plus side, the contrasting elements of this couple give a clue as to how the relationship can work when things are going well.

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The moment of the Taurus Gemini cusp is not related to calendar dates.

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They do need to be careful about overindulging and burning the candle at both ends, but overall those born on the Cusp of Energy are highly charged and successful people. The Sun moved into aries on March 20, signaling the arrival of spring and a new cycle of the zodiac. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so Astrological New Year ...

Learn more about the Taurus-Gemini Cusp of Energy at » We're a group of writers who work with the most inspiring and well-versed scholars of Astrology, Tarot, Numerology and I Ching. Kay is an Astrology and Tarot writer for Daily and Communication planet Mercury is heading into fiery Aries from April 7-23, 2014, and it's quite possible that we'll be thinking and speaking so fast during this time that we'll make a few flubs.


  1. Gemini and Taurus Compatibility The Communicator and the Lover. Does Being Born on the Cusp Affect Astrological Compatibility?

  2. We’re coming up on the Cusp of Energy — that hazy zone a few days before and after the Sun moves into Gemini on May 20. The idea of being born on the.

  3. All about Cusp Signs and the characteristics of those who are "Born on the Cusp". Discover your true sun sign and why it is important.

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