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Then he proceeded to tie off the leg with a spare shirt made of Parachute silk.Despite a regulation prohibiting "evaders" (escaped pilots) from flying over enemy territory again, the purpose of which was to prevent a second capture from compromising resistance groups, Yeager was reinstated to flying combat.

He was also one of the first American pilots to fly a Mi G-15, after its pilot, No Kum-sok, defected to South Korea.He was awarded the Bronze Star for helping a B-24 Navigator "Pat" Patterson, who was shot in the knee during the escape attempt, to cross the Pyrenees.Yeager cut off the tendon by which the leg was hanging below the knee., 1923) is a retired United States Air Force general officer, flying ace and record-setting test pilot.In 1947, he became the first pilot confirmed to have exceeded the speed of sound in level flight.Eisenhower, after gaining permission from the War Department to decide the requests, concurred with Yeager and Glover.Yeager later credited his postwar success in the Air Force to this decision, saying that his test pilot career followed naturally from his having been a decorated combat pilot, along with having been an aircraft mechanic before attending pilot school.His high number of flight hours and maintenance experience qualified him to become a functional test pilot of repaired aircraft, which brought him under the command of Colonel Albert Boyd, head of the Aeronautical Systems Flight Test Division.Yeager remained in the Air Force after the war, becoming a test pilot at Muroc Army Air Field (now Edwards Air Force Base), following graduation from Air Materiel Command Flight Performance School (Class 46C).Yeager's career began in World War II as a private in the United States Army Air Forces.After serving as an aircraft mechanic, in September 1942 he entered enlisted pilot training and upon graduation was promoted to the rank of flight officer (the World War II USAAF equivalent to warrant officer) and became a P-51 fighter pilot.


  1. Charles McClung May 13, 1761 – August 9. Laura Luttrell. Dating Drexel 4041 dates from between 16.

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