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As far as I am concerned, should you date an ugly man you do so at your peril.An ugly man is far more dangerous than his handsome counterpart when it comes to love.And they will cheat on you when their hair recedes and they need Botox, because they need the affirmation that they have not lost their looks. No intelligent, funny, helpful-in-the-kitchen man ever looks like David Beckham.sourcewould you date a man like Rhys Ifans?is it inevitable that all good-looking men will cheat and are ugly men more faithful?His addiction to yoga meant he always went to sleep at 8pm.I am now dating a man who would readily admit he is not a trend-setter.In which case, I would refer them to a recent interview with Jefferson Hack, the father of Kate Moss’s daughter, a magazine publisher and ‘style guru’ who is so handsome and impeccably groomed he seems to confine himself to dating models — surely, the only breed of woman who might find him fascinating.

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I married a man with a beautiful face and look where it got me! His eyes were so clear and large, they merely acted as mirrors for my own shortcomings.The unique charms of Ifans have landed him a series of knock-out girlfriends over the years — including designer Kimberly Stewart and actress Sienna Miller (I’m sure the latter became bored of being knocked in the boobs by Jude Law’s enormous man bag).The lovely Anna met him when they started filming Peter Pan prequel Neverland in September 2010.He was the lead singer of a rock band called Super Furry Animals. He appeared alongside Emily Blunt in the comedy film The Five-Year Engagement.He reportedly dated actress Sienna Miller and they got matching swallow tattoos. The study suggests that most ugly men who married attractive women were happy to bask in the glory of their partner’s beauty and enjoyed the prestige of having a beautiful wife. Women have always been fascinated by The Beauty and The Beast syndrome.How depressing for anyone planning to stroll up the aisle with a half decent bloke on their arm. How else did the likes of the balding author Salman Rushdie manage to ensnare the stunning model Padma Lakshmi or “lived in” singer Lyle Lovett get gorgeous actress Julia Roberts briefly down the aisle? And before long Roger was in my thoughts and in my bed. They have learnt to adapt their dating skills since they were the spotty-bespectled-fat-boy in the playground.I have always wondered how sane, pretty women manage to kiss a man who looks like a pig. We think they will cheat on us as soon as our back is turned. Back in my early 30s, after my then Italian fiancé ran off with my best friend I felt unattractive and frumpy. Just like a blind man learns to develop his other senses, the ugly man relies less on his looks and heightens his other traits.Yet for some reason we girls insist on believing that if he is a beast there is bound to be some kind of wonderful beauty lurking beneath his pockmarked face. Roger would stroke my hair and tell me I was the most beautiful woman he’d ever met.British actor who played the role of the sly lizard villain Dr. He portrayed Xenophilius Lovegood in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 and has also played roles in such films as Little Nicky, Nanny Mc Phee Returns and Notting Hill.He studied to be an actor at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.


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