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Is kareena kapoor still dating saif ali khan

She has lived secretly with Saif and at the Lakme Fashion Awards in October 2007 they made their liaison official. The Holly Koran repeatedly states that a non-believer in Allah (Kaafir) will get the fire of Hell.

To save Kareena form the Day of Judgment (Resurrection), will Saif, being a good Muslim, spare some of his romantic time with Kareena preaching her about Allah? The ‘Dharmic’ religions (Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists) are not normally accepted or tolerated by the Muslims, Christians and Jews (Abrahamic or “People of the Book”) in a marriage.

Will Saif’s family and community tolerate such an act prohibited in Islam?

Alternatively, will Kareena convert to Islam for a NIkaah?

For this reason, a Muslim would expect the non-Muslim spouse to convert to Islam before a Nikaah, the Islamic wedding ceremony.

As per the Shahadah oath to convert to Islam for Nikaah, one accepts and declares that there is only one God (Allah) and Muhammad is his messenger.

Instead of that, Kareena Kapoor never converted for marriage and both are happy.

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Still, Saif was miserable with her and ultimately gave her talaak, talaak, talaak.Choice of a marriage ceremony is always a major issue for any interfaith marriage.To please Kareena, will Saif consider a Hindu wedding ceremony where different forms of Hindu Gods will be invoked from heaven, the earth and the water under the earth?After marriage, Koran Not all Christians and Muslims impose their religious beliefs and practices on their spouse.Despite all the potential marital pitfalls, a successful and fulfilling inter-religious marriage is possible, ideally, by not imposing ones respective religious beliefs on the other partnerkept their and their spouses’ respective religions and got married by a civil wedding, and it is an admirable act.In 2004 Amrita and Saif decided to separate, and eventually had a talaak.The children with Middle Eastern names, Sara and Ibrahim, are now with their mother, while Saif started courting with an Italian girlfriend Rosa Catalano.Saif went to the headmaster and said that he is a Muslim, so he won’t go to chapel.The headmaster organized a Maulvi Saheb for the two Muslims in the school.If Saif Ali Khan cannot show Kareena Kapoor this same respect and expects Kareena to forsake her birth religion for marriage, even just in name sake, the World will wonder why a proud Kareena is prepared to tolerate the intolerance being practiced against her.Further, Saif said, “I would never want her (Kareena) to change her religion.


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