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A section from the ‘Humanity Falsified 8’: Everything within the Nature, as well as in the Universe consists of differing forms and intellectual levels of the invisible ENERGY sources; which are INFINITELY endless, but staggering, ORDERLY and compound unity same as the TIME factor.(Such as the Atomic structure of the Sun being different to the chemical structure of Venus/Jupiter; your horse being more intelligent to your ox or donkey, and your dog having better reasoning capacity than your cat, etc.To clear the reader’s mind totally about this SPIRIT business, let’s proceed further and follow the upcoming activities of those victorious cells in the womb of the female: What will be happening in that FERTILITY region is; those live cells will be gathering support instinctively from the live cells of the female in that area…(To be fostered as well as to stay alive, that is.) And by means of the LAW of NATURE “Likes call to Likes” those victorious cells are fertilised and fed by the female body cells…This is one aspect of explaining the concept of staying alive.However, what is the basic existence which is confused with the concept of SPIRIT by the majority of us and it is also the main Capital of the RELIGIOUS world (who take full advantage of the concept, so that millions of parasites, all over the world, make their living from the sweat and blood of the NAÏVE masses without doing aaaannnyyy manual work.) to deceive and sedate the masses?Jste si jist/a, že nechcete povolit verzi chatu využívající technologii Flash?

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In this process of LIVING NATURE, as it can be observed clearly; it is not the God or Allah or some kind of mysterious spirit, but the victorious living cells –means the live energy particles – of the mother NATURE are in COMMAND! Study the essay ‘Humanity Falsified’ properly I suggest… One other aspect of reality that needs to be noted here is the fact that the FORMED belief can never be wiped out from the minds of the majority.

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So the basic SUBSTANCE of the universal elements is the ever-present ENERGY which is generated by the VIBRATING actions of the Electron, Neutron and Proton elements (e.g.

how your electric energy is generated by the circulating actions of a magnetic DYNAMO or Electric motor) and which GATHERS/forms up the universal existences by means of the FREQUENCY compatibility of the atomic molecules…


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