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James rhine dating rachel big brother

Mike, who began his abbreviated Head of Household reign after winning the Ho H competition that followed Big Brother: All-Stars' pre-taped Sunday night broadcast Howie Gordon's initial double eviction week eviction, had originally nominated James and Janelle Pierzina for eviction.

However, after deciding that James (the other remaining member of Janelle's one-time dominant "Season 6" alliance) was untrustworthy and keeping Janelle in the house might help the keep the remaining houseguests from coming after their own two member "Chilltown" alliance, Mike and Will decided to try and help Janelle win the Power Of Veto competition and remove herself from the block.

"It's All-Stars, I got beat by the best," he told Big Brother host Julie Chen during a live interview the followed his eviction.

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After Erika's Ho H victory, Julie informed Big Brother 7: All-Stars viewers (but not the houseguests) of the season's next upcoming twist -- for the first time ever in Big Brother history, next Thursday's live broadcast will feature a live double eviction.Fans of the show quickly took to Twitter to express their disbelief.“Did someone just say they brought books? The male celebrities will be joining the house on Friday.I didn’t catch it all but did they mean in the house sure that’s not allowed #CBB,” one speculated.“She brought in books? If the order of the two events described by Julie was correct, then the houseguests would have to step up onto the top step of their three-step platform.If the order of the two events was wrong, then the houseguests would have to step down onto the bottom step of their three-step platform. If a houseguest answered a question wrong, they were eliminated from the challenge.As she had during her private Diary Room sessions that proceeded James' eviction, Danielle used her own goodbye message to vow that she'd avenge James' eviction."If you're out there for some reason, then 'Chilltown' has not seen the bad side of me yet, I will take care of them, I guarantee it." After James was interviewed by Julie, the remaining houseguests competed in "But First," Big Brother 7: All-Stars' ninth Head of Household competition.As the outgoing Ho H, Mike was not eligible to compete.A true/false challenge, the Ho H competition tested the houseguests' memory of the chronological order in which two of the season's previous events had occurred.I never watchewd the show before, I was really found on When you promised ivette you would go after howie and rachel the next week if you won hoh, but later told her you were actually wanting to get maggie out, why didn't you tell howie about that I didn't think I had to, no one would be that stupid(except for Ivette) to believe something like that... Especially some of the things they said Do you feel that the editing made them look nicer?ooops except Howie it seems ivette gave away 450k$ by takin maggie to the final 2. NO NO NO NO NO NO and NO, my ass was on the line I think before the show aired. James in a recent chat you said that you are still having trouble adjusting to life outside BB. i haven't watched all the tapes, but the people that watch only on TV think that I hate Sarah so...


  1. James Allen Rhine was a houseguest on Big Brother 6 who returned to the house in Big Brother. In BB6, James was known for being Sarah Hrejsa's partner, a member of the Sovereign Six, being betrayed by them in week 5, and winning 4 PoV's which was the record for most PoV. POV Holder, Rachel Plencner, Yes.

  2. Jan 20, 2018. CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER saw Rachel Johnson finally explain a long-running family mystery last night before she left the Borehamwood bungalow.

  3. James Rhine, Writer Hell House. James was born and raised in Miami, Florida and then moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he met his then girlfriend, Sarah who also appeared on Big Brother 6 2005 as his secret partner. He moved to Chicago, Illinois, with her after Big Brother 6 was over. Their relationship ended shortly.

  4. Aug 25, 2006. James Rhine the eighth 'Big Brother 7 All-Stars' houseguest evicted. Big Brother 7 All-Stars voted out the second of its special double eviction week evictees last night, with James Rhine becoming the eighth houseguest to be evicted from the show's All-Stars house.

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