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A piece of land may sell once ever 2 or 5 years, or be held for 50 years with no sale in between. You could pay a lawyer or a realtor to help you, ($ 50 to $ 200/ hour), but just thinking clearly, and doing the work yourself, sometimes you can solve your own problems. There you will find both Grantor & Grantee name, the date of the deed was recorded, the deed book & page number and possibly a short phrase describing the property or location.I find clear thinking is better then spending money of professionals who also dont know. They probably have Grantor & separate Grantee index books (by a period of years 1920 to 1940, 1941 to 1960 etc.)Learn how to use the Grantor/ Grantee indexes. If it does not have the book and page, then you need to go to the index and look up John Doe as the Grantee and find who he go that land from, the name of the former owner and particularly the deed book and page number. You can scan your deeds and send me a copy of them, and or make a paper Xerox copy (I dont need to see the original certified copy.) if you want to pay for my help.So If you start now, possibly in 5 weeks you could have a Land Patent claim in place.Although it must be in the public, with notice for 30 to 60 days, it is an effective defense immediately unless someone one else can come forward with signed paperwork that they have a claim on your land (I dont think they can).In your courthouse, find the Record Room, where they record deeds. A deed may refer to a former deed book # 104, but it is not there, by using the indexes, and other ways, you may determine that it should have said book 140. Anyway, I could try to read and confirm your deeds are properly linked.If you complete your research in 5 to 10 days, he can probably do his work in 2 to 3 weeks.

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Sometimes when I study them at home I either see errors and or other info that I need. Only then will you know how many deeds have been involved. Sometime a deed will combine the properties that were separate deeds before and or it will later sell pieces of the whole land to different people at different times.

When you have a Land Patent, then you are free from property tax, bank loans/ mortgages, and any law suit claim against your home or property. It can even stand against a claim for Eminent Domain.

People can sue, but they cannot claim or put a lien or sell your home to get money from you, nor can a court or the IRS put a lien on your home. Including case law where other people were tested to try to take, sell, or steal their homes. I did my own local research at my county courthouse, reviewing recorded deeds to see the chain of titles of who owned my land before me.

They copied them, then embossed the deed with the court seal, then their notary there signed them that it was a certified copy.

Certified copies from the county records is admissible and durable in court.


  1. The Land Patent has prevailed. They cannot sell or take your home. It can even stand against a claim for Eminent Domain. This guy helped me Alan Kreglow. I made notes as to who was the Grantor the former owner and the Grantee, who bought the land, the date of the deed, and the deed book and page number in.

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