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posted by rachel jones on 19 Sept 2006 at am Did you know that Bexhill is number 8 in the 50 worst towns in Britain. So I think that the writer of the 'crap towns' book has clearly got it wrong and put the two round the wrong way. Not only is Bexhill in the top ten, but Hastings is in 39th place.Its a shame that when she made a valid point his only retort was a personal insult.Aimie is right though, my wife and I (both in our 20s) moved from Brighton to Bexhill two years ago and have since started a family.When Hastings starts looking the better option you know its time to do something about it surely!! posted by Naomi on 28 Sept 2007 at pm Yes, we are totally bewildered as to why anyone would move to an area with obviously first researching its amenities regardless of age group and then complain when there appears to be a lack of activities available.We moved to Hastings Old Town twelve years ago - which is disintergrating on a daily basis.Surely Hastings deserves to be at number 8 and Bexhill, the lovely quiet town, should be put to number 39.posted by Dave Hatherell on 23 Sept 2006 at pm Rachel, I think the Bexhill entry in Crap Towns was written by a dissafected yoof who has moved onto pastures new.

posted by Mrs L Perkins on at pm I am hoping to move to Bexhill next year from Croydon.

But if the local council don't start doing somthing now the town will die on its feet.

The rot has already started the d.l.w.p is not used as it should be, the place is on the verge of becoming a dirty town with food, rubbish, beer cans, bottles flying round in the wind most evenings. I have lived in bexhill for 6 years and have watched the town go down and down.

Barely a night or day goes past without some kind of pub brawl.

We had a restaurant in the Old Town and could not help but overhear customers saying they would not come here (Hastings) again due to the parking restrictions and deterioration of the place.


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