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In an effort to balance their modest -million budget, city officials are considering auctioning off the town's gas-fired power plant or issuing pink slips to a third of the police force.

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In the face of such austerity, some residents fear for the city's future. Fisher said that, years ago, he was a teenager sleeping on the streets and using drugs, and that it was a Colton police officer who helped him turn his life around.

He's adamantly opposed to seeing any police officers or firefighters laid off, but, like a lot of residents, he's tired of being nickeled-and-dimed by the city.

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Nickelodeon Pizza owner Gary Grossich, who helped found the Citizens for Colton First political action committee, said Colton's woes stem from years of overspending, mismanagement and scandal.

It's the scandal part that's gotten most of the headlines.


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