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A historical site, the peninsula called Le Caudan was created around a fossil coral islet, hosting a powder magazine, an astronomic and meteorological observatory, quays, warehouses and various small enterprises over the last 250 years.

The daily routine of this popular harbor followed the pace of the sugar industry until the creation of the Bulk Sugar Terminal in 1980.

The main points of interest in Port Louis are best appreciated by following a historical and cultural itinerary to fully enjoy all that the city has to offer.

Le Caudan Waterfront is the starting point of the Port-Louis Cultural Walk.

The building hosting the Blue Penny Museum was the former Docks office.• Le Pavillon wing: an ancient map of Port Louis reveals the existence of Pavillon Street exactly where the Pedestrian Alley of Le Caudan is now located.

It is speculated that the origin of this appellation might date back to the period when Port Louis was called ‘Port Napoléon’.• Dias Pier, the most recent wing of Le Caudan Waterfront, is a tribute to Diogo Dias, brother of the famous navigator Barthoulomeu Dias.

Cette année, le festival est imaginé autour de trois îlots et deux connecteurs, chacun intégrant des composants de l’ADN de Porlwi Street Light, Street Art, Street Music, Street Food, Performance et Open Ideas.

Chaque îlot est lié à une incitation : Respire (Respirer), Resanti (Ressentir) et Rekonekte (Se reconnecter).

Porlwi by Nature est une célébration de l’essence même de la vie sur Terre.C’était la célébration de notre culture, composante essentielle aux joies de la ville.Le Collectif vous a demandé comment vous imaginez le Port-Louis de demain et vous a invité à contempler, à réfléchir à une vision commune, à initier un dialogue, et surtout à vous engager.Ces trois appels à l’action invitent les festivaliers à prendre le temps de regarder autour d’eux et s’imprégner de l’énergie de la ville.C’est une invitation à ressentir — la joie, l’émerveillement, un sentiment d’unicité — et de partager ces émotions avec les autres.La deuxième édition de Porlwi a placé l’Homme au coeur de sa ville, car les villes sont dans leur essence même liées aux humains.« People » c’était instiller une énergie nouvelle dans notre capitale, à notre patrimoine.It is named after the legendary and very rare 2-pence Blue Stamp, one of the two renowned ‘Post Office’ stamps engraved in 1847 by Joseph Osmond Barnard for the Mauritian Post.An issue of these stamps is displayed in the museum.As the first meteorological observatory in the Indian Ocean, it was used for cyclone warnings and astronomic observation, contributing greatly to the weather forecast in the harbour.It was an essential tool for calculating longitude at sea.


  1. Understandedit. Historyedit. The island of Mauritius was first discovered by Arab sailors, at some time in the 9th century, the exact date is unknown. They settled on the north-western side of the island and established their main harbour there, Port Louis, the present-day capital of Mauritius. During the French settlement.

  2. Aapravasi Ghat. In the district of Port Louis, lies the 1,640 m2 site where the modern indentured labour diaspora began. In 1834, the British Government selected the island of Mauritius to be the first site for what it called 'the great experiment' in the use of 'free' labour to replace slaves. Between 18, almost half a.

  3. Mauritius officially the Republic of Mauritius French République de Maurice, is an island nation in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 kilometres 1,200 mi off the southeast coast of the African continent. The country includes the islands of Mauritius and Rodrigues, 560 kilometres 350 mi east of Mauritius, and the outer islands.

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