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Minnesota local friends who fuck dating

Then people started to fall like dominoes and I turned around and saw a guy with a bloodied face, the music stopped and people started to scream. The crowd started to flee, but we felt trapped with all the exits behind us and all the people in between us and the exits.

We got down low and realized someone was shooting at the crowd. hand and she was covered up by another person who was trying to get down and you just felt like you were going to be the next one hit. Eventually after a few minutes K and I crawled on our hands and knees to the metal fence barrier that they have set up so no one can reach the stage.

He said we cannot help our friend anymore and I looked at K and she was very scared and wanted to go.

He and I had a special bond, he was more than a best friend. Please pray for his children and his parents and sister.

Decker said he heard what he thought were fire crackers, but soon realized they were gunshots.

He said he saw people, "fall like dominoes." He also spoke of the shock of seeing Berger injured.

She expected the city’s frigid weather, but she didn’t expect the social scene to be quite so cold.

On the surface, everyone was perfectly nice, but Maggie felt the locals were keeping her at a distance with their blanket kindness.


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