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What Jean was hearing from Fredrick was plenty likable.

"All that caught my eye because that was all things that were important to me," she said.

"I don't want people to go through what I went through, cause it's awful," Jean said.

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He is an expert at understanding why reasonable people fall for outrageous scams.Fredrick used classic social engineering to make child’s play of Jean's good intentions.He began by telling Jean he was born in Germany but moved to Mankato as a young boy.Jean's case is now being investigated by law enforcement.Jean actually contacted the Fox 9 Investigators and asked them to tell her story because she hopes it will serve as a warning to others.He said he was currently working as a manager of a big construction project in Turkey.Jean admits he was as charming on the phone as he was in his emails. Can't wait to see you." It got to a point where Frederick told Jean he was coming back to Minnesota to meet her, then he asked her for money for a plane ticket.Moscow on the Hill is where American upper-midwest meets post-Perestroika Russia. Paul's most European-esque neighborhood, at the corner of Western and Selby Avenues, just up the street from the stately St. Our menu offers a variety of warm Russian comfort foods, with both meat and vegetarian dishes.You will find well-recognized names such as Beef Stroganoff, Chicken Kiev, Borsht and Blini with Caviar next to unfamiliar Pelmeni (meat-stuffed dumplings) and Vareniki (similar to Polish Pirogies). "Wild Acres Farm" and other local farmers supply our poultry and eggs.Mc Cullough believes the bad guys are usually running the scams from outside of the country."In my opinion, it's organized crime," Mc Collough said.


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