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This is because a man is more likely to die earlier than a man. An X chromosome is slightly protected by a superior gene than Y chromosome.At the age of eleven years, a woman (girl) will start going through what they call women menstru*tion cycles and once every 28 days she loses some of her blood and as a result she loses her body iron content. Iron will gradually react in body cells and will produce free radicals which contribute to faster aging in men than women. Because a woman has XX chromosomes, her net superior genes protecting her chromosomes is higher than in man since man does not have that second X chromosome.Naturally, in most species, the ratio of females to males should be which is due to evolutionarily stable strategy.Gender Imbalance The difference between the number of males and females is called gender imbalance.Several decades ago, the possibility of oil and gold mining transformed Lodwar into a desert boomtown.The government paved the road connecting remote Turkana to Kitale in western Kenya, encouraging northern migration.This is because a woman is more likely to fall sick than a man.Ask the same insurance company what they charge for women life insurance policies and you compare with what they charge for men life insurance policies, you will find women are charged a little bit less premium than men for life insurance.

Today, more than 25 million Chinese men are finding themselves facing singledom, and the major factor contributing to this is selective sex abortions of girl child.

It is because of this that the woman is extra careful in reducing risks to her life, than a man, to the extent that the average life expectancy of a woman is a whopping ten years more to that of a man.

If you ask an insurance company what they charge for women health insurance policies and you compare with what they charge for men health insurance policies, you will find women are charged far much more than men for health insurance.

Men are said to be strong and brave but only to their disadvantages as more men are killed in wars and conflicts than women - WWI and WWII killed very many men in Western Europe and Soviet Union, including Latvia and Estonia. As a result of this the girl’s child is discriminated and in some countries female foetuses are aborted before birth.

Baby Gender Predictor Test Kit - Early Pregnancy Prenatal Sex Test - Predict if your baby is a boy or girl in less than a minute from the comfort of your home. China is an example of a country that implemented ‘one child’ population control policy of 1979.


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