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The all-male court ruled found that to meet the definition of the Iowa law as written, such an offensive display must be done in the physical presence of the offended person."While we acknowledge that one can be offended by a sexually explicit image transmitted via text message, it is much easier to 'look away' from that image than it is to avoid an offensive in-person exposure," the court said.Sending an unwanted photo of one's genitals to another adult who finds it offensive could still lead to a harassment charge, but that is a simple misdemeanor under Iowa law.Exposing yourself to others in public is a crime in almost every state in America. If you have been convicted of lewd, indecent, or obscene acts and would like additional legal assistance, you can contact an Iowa criminal defense lawyer through Find Law.Visit Find Law's sections on indecent exposure and criminal charges for more articles and information on this topic.The following table outlines the specifics of Iowa indecent exposure laws.Under Iowa law, a person who exposes the his or her genitals or pubes to a person other than the person's spouse, or who commits a sex act in the presence or view of a third person, commits a crime, if: Iowa indecent exposure laws labels this crime as a serious misdemeanor.An 18-year-old mother was charged with child endangerment Friday, after two of her three young kids were found outside and alone in Adel, Iowa.Jasmine Teed was apparently asleep in her apartment at the time the children were outside, according to KTLA sister station WHO in Des Moines.

Cindy Golightly, Teed's next door neighbor, said she’s never seen Teed's kids unattended.

“Everybody makes mistakes and we all need to be held responsible for what we do, but she is only 18 years old and she's got three little kids," Golightly said.

"I think the twins are maybe 2 years old and then they've got a little girl.

While she agreed that the situation could potentially have been tragic, Golightly urged people to try to be empathetic.

"You know, she's trying the best she is, I'm not saying we're all perfect," Golightly said, adding that she, too, has made this mistake in the past.


  1. CARROLL, Iowa AP —. Firefighters have rescued a soot-covered naked man from a chimney at a recycling company in Carroll. Carroll Redemption Center owner Brad Sapp told the Daily Times Herald he was sorting cans Tuesday night when he heard someone whisper, "'Get out of here.'" At home Sapp's wife, Carrie.

  2. Nov 30, 2017. ADEL, Iowa AP -- A 19-year-old woman whose twins were seen wandering naked near a busy state highway in central Iowa has pleaded not guilty. Jasmine Teed entered the plea Monday in Dallas County. Teed's charged with two counts of child endangerment. Officers were sent to a house along U. S.

  3. A guide to Iowa's indecent exposure laws, including prohibited acts and potential penalties.

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