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It said these attacks resulted in millions of dollars of ransom payments.

The statistics from Australia's very own government cybercrime initiative are a lot lower.

Philip Seltsikas, a cyber-security expert and associate professor from Sydney, told Veronica & Lewis there was no sure way of defending against ransomware.

He said there were probably a lot more computers infected than we know.

The protein is responsible for the repair of the tissues of the body and also hair growth.

As a human’s scalp is sensitive to DHT, excessive masturbation can lead to hair loss.

Basically 'cybercrime' is hard to quantify and we don't have a clear picture.The seminal fluid that is released when one masturbates is composed of 10% protein and 90% water.Hence when a person masturbates, the excessive ejection of the seminal fluid may lead to a protein deficiency in the body, further leading to hair loss.Nothing ever was sent out online, but I've now had to change my Facebook account name, shut down my Linked In out of fear of my work details being revealed and I'm afraid of what may arise in the future should I want to build a Linked In profile etc again.""I had the exact same thing happen to me.Sent me a list of all my contacts and a copy of the video."There's a lot more people than we know because there could be hackers in big centers watching video streams just waiting for something to happen," he said. Professor Seltsikas said hackers on the other side of the world were watching thousands of Australians through their webcams, and waiting for them to have a wank.Actually, turns out there's a site where you can already watch the live footage of thousands of CCTV cameras from all over the world.But taping over the camera doesn't prevent all kinds of ransomware.It won't block the microphone, meaning conversations or *other noises* could still be recorded and stolen, and it won't stop someone locking up your files.Instead, what we have is a bunch of widely varying statistics and some not very helpful but quite scary and exciting maps showing cyber attacks as they occur around the globe."I'm a cop in NSW, this happens all the time, a few weeks ago I had three guys in one day come in to report the same thing.. Feel for you silly boys.""The exact same thing happened to me, but I transferred around 00 via wire transfer to the person in the Ukraine.Now in hindsight I know it was the wrong thing to do, but I was tunnel visioned by fear and panic at the time.


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