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For example, many of the youngsters thought the solicitations were from other youth or just casual rude comments1.Four percent of the youth in the YISS received solicitations in which the solicitor made or tried to make contact with the youth offline via telephone, offline mail or in person1.It is useful to remind young people that many things they post for their friends may end up being viewed by others, and can prompt contact that could become a problem.

Parents can be helpful, but the research suggests that the most vulnerable youth are ones who are having conflicts with their parents.

They may see such photos as romantic, fun, adventuresome, or even remunerative.

Four percent of youth in the YISS survey said they got requests from online solicitors to take and send sexual pictures of themselves1.

Here are suggestions of how to make Internet safety education materials more consistent with current research.

This most commonly used statistic from the widely cited Youth Internet Safety Survey (YISS) counts, “unwanted sexual solicitations,” but many such experiences are probably not encounters with true Internet sex offenders.


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