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Oracle sql trigger if updating

This table will have the same columns as the sales table plus a column for the change date and a column for the change method. create or replace trigger sales_history_tr 2 before update or delete on sales 3 for each row 4 begin 5 if (updating) then 6 insert into sales_history 7 ( CHG_DATE 8 , CHG_TYPE 9 , STORE_KEY 10 , BOOK_KEY 11 , ORDER_NUMBER 12 , ORDER_DATE 13 , QUANTITY) 14 values 15 ( sysdate 16 , 'UPDATE' 17 , :old. Using this capability, the trigger can execute different sections of code based on the even that executed. QUANTITY); 22 else 23 insert into sales_history 24 ( CHG_DATE 25 , CHG_TYPE 26 , STORE_KEY 27 , BOOK_KEY 28 , ORDER_NUMBER 29 , ORDER_DATE 30 , QUANTITY) 31 values 32 ( sysdate 33 , 'DELETE' 34 , :old. You can redefine these names using the referencing clause. The thr To see this capability in action, first create the sales_history table to hold the old rows from the sales table. The example below replaces the standard notation with early and late create or replace trigger sales_history2_tr 2 before update or delete on sales 3 referencing old as early new as late 4 for each row 5 begin 6 insert into sales_history 7 ( CHG_DATE, 8 CHG_TYPE, 9 STORE_KEY, 10 BOOK_KEY, 11 ORDER_NUMBER, 12 ORDER_DATE, 13 QUANTITY) 14 values 15 ( sysdate, 16 'UPDATE', 17 :early. Here in the above Oracle PLSQL trigger syntax the ‘trigger_name’ is the name given to AFTER INSERT TRIGGER.We cannot create an AFTER INSERT TRIGGER on an Oracle PLSQL VIEW.

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All three databases support row triggers before and after insert, update and delete statements.

4) instead of this " UPDATE GL_ORDER SET TRANS_KEY=tmp Var; " try something like :new.trans_key := tmp Var; 5) no need of commit.

Hi, I had earlier tried the way you explained but I was getting mutatiion error regardless.

Can you help me with a trigger for each row that is the same as Oracle?

Triggers in SQL Server do not actually fire only for the last row affected; Rather, they fire once for the entire set of affected rows.


  1. Oracle SQL Developer to query, update monitor the Oracle Database. Use for SQL and PL/SQL. Provides reporting, unit testing and tuning.

  2. The #1 Website for Oracle PL/SQL. AFTER UPDATE TRIGGER in Oracle. Now let’s create a trigger on ‘new_employee’ table so that whenever we are updating.

  3. Script Name Compound trigger error;. ELSIF UPDATING THEN DBMS_OUTPUT. PUT_LINE. Database on OTN SQL and PL/SQL Discussion forums Oracle Database

  4. CREATE TRIGGER statement allows you to define a trigger in Oracle and SQL Server. But besides syntax differences between Oracle PL/SQL and SQL Server Transact-SQL.

  5. Hi, There is a table which has records inserted by an another interface. I have to write a trigger in oracle which need to update one of the columns of the.

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