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The similarity of ionization energies is caused by the lanthanide contraction—the decrease in element radii from lanthanum (atomic number 57) to lutetium (71), and the relatively small radii of the elements from hafnium (72) onwards.

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Lead is a relatively unreactive post-transition metal.

Lead's high density, low melting point, ductility and relative inertness to oxidation make it useful.

These properties, combined with its relative abundance and low cost, resulted in its extensive use in construction, plumbing, batteries, bullets and shot, weights, solders, pewters, fusible alloys, white paints, leaded gasoline, and radiation shielding.

Lead is a chemical element with symbol Pb (from the Latin plumbum) and atomic number 82.

It is a heavy metal that is denser than most common materials.


  1. Pb-Pb Isochron Dating After Patterson, 1956. There are a number of useful isotope systems which constitute clocks in the rocks and are useful for geologic dating.

  2. DETERMINING AGE OF ROCKS AND FOSSILS FRANK K. MCKINNEY THE AGE of fossils intrigues almost everyone. Students not only want to

  3. Decay equations for common Pb–Pb dating. There are three stable "daughter" Pb isotopes that result from the radioactive decay of uranium and thorium in nature; they.

  4. Introduction. Few attempts have been performed on dating zircons using U–Pb and U–Th methods simultaneously, although there are essentially no technical barriers.

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