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The organization also offers a support hotline to help individuals find the nearest health center or to make appointments at a clinic.

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If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, please seek medical or police assistance immediately.

The support line offers services and information for both pre-birth and post-birth individuals ranging from helping families decide if adoption is the right option to connecting them with adoption counselors and support groups in their area.

Call: 1-800-236-7846 Website: Available in the US and Canada This website provides pregnant individuals with a wealth of adoption resources and information.

Call: 1-800-550-4900 Email: [email protected]: These resources offer services to people that are seeking to adopt a child and to people that are considering offering their child for adoption.

The organizations listed are unbiased and some act as mediators between the parents of the child and the families seeking to adopt the child in order to make the transition as simple as possible for everyone involved.


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