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Sex dating in antonia louisiana

Like all of Angola’s wardens, Cain has continued the tradition of hard labor: Most inmates work in the fields eight hours a day, five days a week, harvesting hundreds of acres of soybeans, wheat, corn, and cotton — picked by hand and sold by Prison Enterprises, the business arm of the Louisiana Department of Corrections.But unlike his predecessors, Cain, an evangelical Christian, has also made it his mission to bring God to Angola.

The La Salle Parish Sheriff’s Office will participate in the annual ‘National Drug Take-Back Day’ on Saturday, October 28, according to Sheriff Scott Franklin.

Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate of adult prisoners in the United States.

Thanks to the state’s unforgiving sentencing laws, at least 90 percent of Angola’s prisoners will die there.

Proceeds pay for inmate funerals, maintenance on Angola’s inmate-constructed chapels, and programs aimed at “moral rehabilitation.” Cain once told that the program helps inmates “accept they’re in prison and that it’s God’s will that maybe they don’t get out — and that while you’re here, you do your best for him.” The rodeo may break bodies, but Cain is in the business of saving souls.

A Gated Community The rodeo’s atmosphere is festive.


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