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Here are a few tips for finding firearm-friendly females . But be careful not to fall into the trap of associating geography with anti-gun sentiment.I dated a girl from New York City who didn’t mind me owning guns, and I’ve met more then a few from red state America who support The House of Feinstein. If youre with Kirsten Joy Weiss’ sister, by all means compare range notes.Sold his property in Orangeburg, SC and moved to Colleton Co., SC bought property and settled.Buried in Smoak"s Cemetary located in Colleton County, South Carolina.Note: After moving to Colleton County, Andrew Smoke acquired two more land grants. Reference: Salley Archives, Orangeburg, SC -Smoak folder ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Info taken from One was a grant of 160 acres in a tract surveyed by Henry Ulmer, District Surveyor on April 6, 1815 in Colleton County. op=GET&db=:2217422&id=I174 ID: I174 Name: Andrew SMOAK Sex: M Birth: 1755 Death: in St.The evidence further showed that many of the victims were drug addicts, and the defendants used heroin and crack cocaine to coerce the victims to engage in commercial sex acts.

He was a veteran of the Revolutionary War and the government placed a marker on his grave which states: Note: "Private, S. Militia, Revolutionary War August 15, 1834." There is also a large headstone with his name and dates and the names of three of his wives: Miss Stroman, Mrs. Note: Andrew (Rauch)Smoke served 110 days as a private in the S. Note: Reference: Stub Entries to Idents issued in payment of claims against S. After her death, he married the Widow Anna Catherine Stroman, wife of Mary Catherine's brother; then a Miss Rice, and a Miss Gilbert. His household was composed of one male over 16, six males under 16, and four females. This indicates that his first wife had already died and the children of his second wife by her first husband, Mr.----------------------------------------------- Father: Johann Georg RAUCH b: in Oberheim, Rheinland, Pfaltz, Germany Mother: Maria KOHLER b: WFT Est. 1799-1824 ----------------------------------------------- Children ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Info taken from 1707-1728 in Hallgarten, Rheinland, Pfaltz, Germany ----------------------------------------------- Marriage 1 Widow STROMAN b: WFT Est. 1774-1794 ----------------------------------------------- Marriage 2 Miss GILBERT b: WFT Est. 1803-1826 ----------------------------------------------- Children William Riley SMOAK b: APR 1813 in Snider's X-Road, Colleton Cnty, S. ----------------------------------------------- Marriage 3 Catherine STROMAN b: Married: ----------------------------------------------- Children ----------------------------------------------- Marriage 4 ? In real life, however, not everyone is so progressive of thought.As a 27-year-old young man with a CCW permit, vetting dates has become a secondary talent. I hate to use the word “stereotyping”, but if your lady friend is a fan of Obama and pictures her dream job as being a diplomat at the UN, it’s probably not the wisest approach to take her for a first date to the gun range.Not long after the land exchange, a family dispute concerning the property ensued. This was more than likely Andrew Smoke and his son David Smoke.The result was that the Orangeburg family changed their name to Smoak while those in Colleton County kept the name Smoke. David Smoke had married Susan Charity (Lottie) Prine.src=search This story/information was obtained from Jimmie Anne Anderson on One World Tree... Continue South through the crossroads to the third paved road on the left; this is Cane Branch Rd. Andrew Smoke for seventeen pounds sterling for 110 days Militia duty in 1781 as per account audited..Andrew (Andreas) was of the first generation of the Rauch family to be born in America. Turn left and the cemetery is about 1/4 mile down on the left about 100 yards off the road, in a grove of trees. Note: His discharge papers are signed both Andrew Rauch (which means smoked meat), and Andrew Smoke, thus indicating the name change. We presume Rauch to mean they dealt in smoked meat.) Note: In his youth, Andrew lived in the Orangeburg District. Evidence presented at trial proved that Jackson, Mc Millan, and Miller participated in a conspiracy to commit sex trafficking in South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina. Norton of Charleston presided over the trial and will impose sentence at a later date.


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